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AAA Motorcycle Insurance Review

AAA Motorcycle Insurance Review

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AAA insurance (properly pronounced “triple A”) is a non-profit member service organization. Formerly called the “American Automobile Association,” this federation currently has over 50 million members throughout the United States and is steadily growing. AAA is made up of many different motor clubs throughout the U.S. and provides individuals with various insurance options to help keep them safe on the road. Insurance options provided by AAA include: auto, home, renters, term life, whole life, personal umbrella, small business, and boat insurance. In addition to offering insurance policies, AAA also provides people with financial products and travel services.

This company has been involved with passenger and driver rights, laws, and vehicle safety for over 100 years. There are over 50 individual motor clubs that make up AAA as a company. The headquarters for AAA are stationed in Heathrow, Florida. If you are searching for a motorcycle insurance policy, this is a company that you may want to consider. Below is a thorough breakdown of everything AAA has to offer.

AAA Company History

In 1902 the American Automobile Association was founded with nearly 1,500 members. By 1903, they were already supporting federal laws aimed at improving highways with the Department of Transportation. Within a few years, the first roadmaps were published and by 1915 they implemented an Emergency Road Service (ERS). Five years later in 1920, they had developed a roadside protection program that increased highway safety and kept drivers comfortable on the road. They also took it upon themselves to publish a directory of hotels and campgrounds for their members. That same year, they established the AAA School Safety Patrol.

In 1926 they released AAA Tour Book guides which covered the Northeastern, Southeastern, North Central parts of the United States as well as various parts of Canada. By 1930 they had developed all-inclusive travel services and tours. AAA constantly was looking for ways to improve and expand – in 1937 they began conducting field inspections of restaurants and lodges. In 1940 they published an official training manual for high school teachers of Drivers Education classes. By the year 1950, AAA officially had over one million members.

AAA had adopted a rating system for their Tour Book guide recommendations – this would later become the “Diamond Rating System.” In 1969, the AAA Life Insurance Company was founded as a way to expand their overall services. In that same year, they also agreed to a nationwide computer reservation system. In the mid-1970s, they created an approved auto repair program that would help people find the most reliable repair centers throughout the United States. After this, membership rates continued to skyrocket. By 2010, AAA had over 50 million members and is currently one of the strongest insurance companies in the United States.

They have been around for over 100 years and continue to look for ways in which they can improve driver safety and valuable services to customers. Their mission is to exist for their members and serve their needs. They vow to produce products, services, and programs that “meet the highest standards of quality” to ensure “maximum member benefit.” AAA only wants to offer services that are reliable and add value to the memberships of their customers.

AAA Insurance Companies

AAA has been around for over a century, and is comprised of many different auto clubs. Below are some prominent clubs that make up the AAA brand. There are more clubs than the ones listed below, but these are some of the most prominent.

  • Automobile Club of America
  • Automobile Club of New Jersey
  • Automobile Club of Southern California
  • Automobile Club of Utica
  • California State Automobile Association
  • Chicago Automobile Club
  • Grand Rapids Automobile Club
  • Long Island Automobile Club
  • Philadelphia Automobile Club
  • Princeton University Automobile Club
  • Rhode Island Automobile Club

AAA Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

When checking various motorcycle insurance policies, you should always first check and see if you can get the coverage that you want. If you don’t have adequate coverage, you may not feel safe or fully protected on the road. Always make sure you get the policy with the coverage terms that you want for your bike. Below are the options that AAA insurance has to offer for your motorcycle.

Bodily Injury – If you are in an accident in which you cause injury to another individual – you need to reimburse them financially. Let’s say someone breaks their arm in an accident with you – you would need to compensate them for their medical work and pain associated with the arm.

Collision Coverage – Whenever you collide with another vehicle or object, there is likely going to be some sort of damage. Once this damage is assessed, you need to pay for it if you were “at fault” for the accident. Collision insurance through AAA will help you pay for these damages.

Comprehensive Coverage – This covers everything other than collision damage. Things like weather damage, vandalism, theft, animal damage, etc. Comprehensive coverage is optional, but it offers additional protection for your motorcycle. If you have a valuable bike, you may want to get this type of insurance.

Liability Coverage – Any damage to another person or another individuals’ property is covered with liability protection. You are required to have this type of insurance by law. The limits that you purchase are for you to decide.

Medical Payments – Should you ever have to deal with an accident in which there are major medical injuries, it may cost you a lot of extra money to deal with. Just to be safe, it’s smart to consider purchasing medical payment coverage for added protection.

Property Damage – Anytime you crash your bike and damage property, the cost to fix it comes out of your pocket. If you have AAA’s protection, they will pick up the fixing costs up to the limits that you selected.

Total Loss Replacement – If your bike is completely totaled in an accident, AAA will replace it with one of similar value. Exact terms will vary and depend on your bike and type of policy that you purchase.

Travel Loss Reimbursement – If you plan a trip, set out on your bike and get into a major hang up from an accident, AAA will pick up the tab. In other words, if you are losing out on your trip because of problems with your bike or a crash, you will get financial compensation from AAA.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist – If you are ever involved in a crash that involves an uninsured or underinsured driver, they may not be able to afford to pay for the full damages they caused. In this case, if you purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, your own insurance will pay for what they can’t.

Various types of motorcycles covered include:

  • Cruisers
  • Dual-Purpose/Enduro Motorcycles
  • Roadster Motorcycles
  • Sport and Unclad Sport Motorcycles
  • Sport Touring and Touring Motorcycles

AAA Motorcycle Insurance Payment Options

There aren’t many different payment time-frame options offered by AAA. They seem to let you pay on a monthly basis or in full. You will save money if you pay in full, but most people find it more convenient to pay on a monthly basis. These are the most popular payment periods, so it makes sense that they are the ones offered by AAA.

Full Payments – If you want, you can make one payment for a full years worth of motorcycle insurance. It may be somewhat costly as an upfront payment, but you will actually save money over the course of the year compared to the monthly option.

Monthly – The most popular way to pay for your motorcycle coverage is monthly. You can set up your account to make automatic withdrawals each month, or log on and pay manually. This option is for people that want to make smaller payments towards their insurance policy throughout the year.

AAA Payment Methods

  • Automatic Payments – If you want, you can set up your account so that payments are automated. In other words, money is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month when the bill is due.
  • Credit Card – Simply log onto your account or set up your account using your credit card information. You can enter your credit card number and it will be billed using the cycle that you select with AAA.
  • Mobile App – AAA now has an app that you can use to make your payments. This is a good option for individuals that use their cell phones a lot. Set up an account, update your billing info, and you can easily pay from your phone.
  • Online – You can log onto the AAA website using your information and pay your bills online. This is becoming a more popular way to handle insurance payments because it is easy. You can pay from the comfort of your computer. There are step by step instructions to handle these payments on their website.
  • Phone – If you need, you can pay over the phone. Give AAA a call or contact your agent and they will take down your billing information to get your insurance bill paid.

Does AAA offer paperless billing?

No. At this time AAA does NOT offer any form of paperless billing. They will send billing statements in the mail and are not fully up to date with some of the other major insurers. Their website states that they are committed to providing this service to members in the near future. So if going “paperless” is something that you absolutely need, you may want to choose a different insurer or keep AAA in mind until they upgrade to paperless.

AAA Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Like all insurers, AAA offers various ways to help you save money on your policy. Below are just some of the discount options that they provide. If you qualify for some of these savings options, you may end up saving yourself a big chunk of money on your bill.

Anti-Lock Brakes – If you have anti-lock brakes installed on your motorcycle, you will be eligible for additional savings. Most newer bikes come standard with an anti-lock brake system, but if you are unsure, your agent will help you figure it out.

Anti-Theft Device – If you install an anti-theft device on your bike, you will help decrease the chances of it being stolen. Due to increased security features, you will be given a discount through AAA.

Disappearing Deductibles – Your deductibles continue to drop as long as you have no accidents or major claims with AAA. This is a nice feature to reward customers for being safe and smart on the road.

Good Drivers – If you are claim and violation free, AAA will reduce your insurance rates. It feels good to be rewarded for staying safe on the road.

Loyalty – If you stay with AAA insurance by renewing an existing motorcycle policy, they will reward you with a discount.

Multiple Products – If you buy other insurance products in addition to motorcycle insurance through AAA, you will get a discount. Things like a home, condo, renters, boat, or auto insurance will further enhance your initial savings.

Multiple Vehicles – Insure more than one motorcycle or multiple vehicles and you will save more money. If you have 2 or more specialty vehicles on the same insurance policy, you will easily qualify for a discount.

Safety – If you take a state-approved motorcycle safety class and pass it, you will get a discount through AAA. They want to reward you for increasing your safety knowledge and being proactive about safe riding.
Paying In Full – If you pay your entire policy in full, you will qualify for a discount. This is an easy way to save if you can afford to pay for everything upfront.

A.M. Best Rating: A- (Excellent)

The financial strength rating for AAA insurance is “excellent” as evidenced by the “A-” rating from A.M. Best. This shows that if you are to purchase a policy through AAA, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your claim handled in a timely manner. There shouldn’t be any financial hang-ups in terms of getting your claims processed and paid. This company is highly unlikely to experience any sort of collapse, so you should feel pretty comfortable with a policy through AAA.

Customer reviews for AAA have been somewhat mixed – they were independently given about a 3/5 star rating. The overall consensus is that AAA is a pretty good company. A lot of members think they are a great company for motorcycle coverage, while others have had less positive experiences.

Get Free AAA Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Online!

If you want to get a quote through AAA, unfortunately they make you get it through an agent. You will not be able to get one for AAA online. This is why a lot of people don’t like them as a company – their quotes are hidden from the general public until you set up an appointment with an agent. Once they have your information, they do what they can to lure you in – this is a good sales technique.

I would first recommend entering your Zip Code in the box below (or at the top of the page) to find the top rated insurers in your specific location. If you are unsatisfied with the results, then you may want to consider AAA for coverage. The bottom line is that this is a pretty good company, but nothing special – there are better insurers out there for your bike.

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