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Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Arizona is located in the southwestern region of the United States. This state is known for having a desert climate in the southern portion, with extremely hot summers and lots of sun. Arizona is nicknamed “the Grand Canyon state” as well as “the Copper state” due to its wealth of natural minerals. This state attracts many tourists due to the Grand Canyon National Park, various national parks and forests, Indian reservations, and other monuments. Throughout its history, individuals living in the state of Arizona had jobs primarily involving: copper mining, cotton, cattle, citrus, and climate (tourism).

If you are a resident of Arizona and own a motorcycle, you need to make sure that it meets necessary legal requirements before it is driven. The state of Arizona requires all individuals to have liability insurance for their vehicles – regardless of if they are motorcycles (two wheeled) or automobiles (four wheels). Most people are familiar with the fact that they need to be insured and have proof of insurance before they can legally operate a motorcycle – this is so that damages get properly accounted for in an accident. Below are the specifics for coverage requirements in the Grand Canyon state.

Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Should you ever get into an accident with another person, your insurance will pay for damages that you’ve caused. Although no one ever expects to get into an accident – the statistics indicate that they happen. If your bike is damaged, you suffer bodily injury, injure another driver, or damage someone else’s property – your insurance will help protect you and your assets.

How to Establish Financial Responsibility in AZ

In every state, it is required that you establish some sort of financial responsibility before you operate your motorcycle. The easiest way for individuals to demonstrate that they are financially responsible is to purchase a liability policy from a licensed insurer. You also have the option of “self-insuring” but this is not usually an option for the average resident.

  1. Liability Insurance Policy – Find a licensed insurer in the state of AZ and purchase adequate coverage. This is probably the easiest way to show financial responsibility and legally operate your bike.
  2. Self-Insure – You do have the option of self-insuring your bike, but you are only allowed to self-insure if you own 10+ vehicles. This option was created as an option for dealerships and corporate fleet owners. If you choose this option, you must complete a Certificate of Self-Insurance Application. This option will also require a surety bond of one million dollars and additional documentation.

Motorcycles / Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

Arizona has specific definitions for what they will consider a motorcycle and criteria that must be met for other two-wheeled vehicles. If you are confused about whether your vehicle meets the necessary criteria, you can call the MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) for additional information.

Motorcycle: A motorized vehicle with up to three wheels and containing a seat for a driver. Tractors and mopeds are NOT included in this definition.

Moped: A bicycle-like vehicle with pedals and a small engine less than 50 cc displacement. The maximum speed for mopeds to be legally driven in this state are 25 mph with a 1.5 brake horsepower or less.

Motor-Driven Cycle: A motorized vehicle with up to three wheels that exceeds 20 mph and contains an engine displacement ranging from 49 cc to 80 cc. This includes motor scooters.

If you have a question regarding your two wheeled vehicle for the state of Arizona, you can give them a call. They have experts employed that will help you categorize your vehicle and discuss its legality. The contact numbers are dependent on location, so check them out and feel free to call if you need additional advice.

  • Phoenix MVD: (602) 255-0072
  • Tucson MVD: (520) 629-9808
  • Any other area MVD: (800) 251-5866

Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements

Below are the minimum amounts of liability coverage that are required to legally operate your motorcycle in AZ. If you buy a policy through a licensed provider, they will get you set up with a policy to meet these requirements. However, if you do not feel comfortable with the bare minimum, you may want to look into paying a little extra for more coverage.

  • $15,000 bodily injury per person

  • $30,000 bodily injury per accident

  • $10,000 property damage per accident

A common way to see the requirements abbreviated is: 15/30/10. Each number is representative of the minimum amount (in thousands of dollars) that is required for each specific aspect of coverage. As long as these are met, you will be able to legally ride your motorcycle. However, you may want to consider getting more than the minimum because all it takes is one moderate accident to rack up some significant damages.

Helmet Requirements

  • Drivers 18 Years of Age and Under – Only individuals that are under 18 years of age are required to wear a helmet by law in the state of Arizona.

In the state of Arizona, the amount of insurance that you purchase doesn’t affect helmet requirements. By law, only riders that are under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets. In other words, if you are over age 18, you do NOT have to wear a helmet. With that being said, your insurance company may give you an additional discount for increasing your personal safety by wearing a helmet when you ride.

Eye Protection Required

It is required by law that you wear some sort of goggles or faceplate as protection for your eyes. If you aren’t into wearing a helmet with a face shield, make sure you go out and purchase some sort of protective eyewear.

Proof of Insurance

In the state of Arizona, insurance providers keep the MVD (Motor Vehicle Division) informed about all insurance policies, cancelled coverage, as well as non-renewed policies. It is pretty easy for the MVD to keep tabs on individuals that have purchased adequate coverage and others who lack coverage. It becomes a major problem to the state when you have failed to buy insurance or cancel your coverage.

You may get asked to show “proof of insurance” by the MVD if they are concerned about your coverage or are conducting random checks. If you are unable to show them that you have coverage, you could end up getting your motorcycle registration revoked and suffer a suspension of drivers license.

De-Insured Motorcycles in AZ

Arizona law mandates that you insure vehicles that you drive on public roadways – including motorcycles, mopeds, and golf carts. However, if you have a vehicle that is temporarily non-functional – because it is in storage for a certain season, or because you’re fixing it up – you don’t need to have it insured until you plan on driving it again.

De-insuring your vehicle just means that you cannot face any penalty for not having insurance – because you aren’t driving your vehicle. Therefore your driver’s license and registration would NOT face any sort of suspension from the MVD. If you are planning on de-insuring your motorcycle in Arizona, you must follow the procedure of submitting a De-Insured Certificate form to the MVD.

The moment you plan on driving a de-insured bike again, you need to purchase coverage for it. Individuals that ride de-insured motorcycles could face major penalties including suspension of both registration and driver’s license for undisclosed amounts of time.

Penalty for Lack of Insurance

If you read this far into the requirements for insuring your motorcycle in Arizona, you know that driving without sufficient insurance is a major problem. If you get caught, you could face serious consequences. If you were to get into an accident and didn’t have insurance, you could end up having to pay a lot of money to cover damages out of your own pocket. Additionally, you may lose your driver’s license for an extended period of time. There are plenty of ways in which you can finance insurance coverage so make sure you get a policy.

  • Suspension of Motorcycle Registration
  • Suspension of Driver’s License
  • SR-22 Form + $50 Reinstatement Fee

In order to overcome a suspension of your registration or license, you need to either: provide proof of insurance for the period of the coverage lapse OR submit an SR-22 form. Since most individuals facing suspensions didn’t have coverage, they must submit the SR-22. This form is an official document from an insurance provider that proves to the MVD that you have purchased adequate liability coverage. You must also pay a $50 reinstatement fee with the SR-22 form. They will keep this form on file for a minimum of 3 years to make sure that you have been up to date with your coverage and payments.

Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Now that you are educated of the minimum insurance required to operate your motorcycle in Arizona, you can shop around for a policy. There are plenty of companies that are competing for your business – so do some comparison shopping to find the best policy. Take advantage of the free tool below by entering your Zip Code and clicking “Start!” to find the top providers in your specific location. Once you have collected a few quotes and analyzed a few policies, you will be able to sign up for coverage and determine which company is the best fitting for the needs of you and your motorcycle.

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