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Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance For A Test Ride?

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance For A Test Ride?

Do you need motorcycle insurance for a test ride? In most cases, the answer is “No” – you do not typically need insurance to test drive a motorcycle. Assuming you are purchasing a new motorcycle from a dealership, most dealers have their own insurance. The insurance obtained by the dealership covers their entire fleet of bikes. When testing out a bike from a private party seller (e.g. a random person), you may need to ask them whether you would be covered if you got into an accident. Verify that the private party seller has the necessary insurance to cover the motorcycle that you will be testing.

Test Riding a Motorcycle at a Dealership

Do you need insurance to test drive a motorcycle at a dealership? If you live in a state that requires insurance (most do), your dealer will be taking on the risk of providing you with insurance.

  1. Fleet Insurance: Most dealerships purchase fleet insurance – which covers their entire “fleet” of bikes. Insurance companies give discounts to businesses and individuals that have many vehicles covered under the same policy.
  2. Self-Insurance: Dealerships may have insurance from a mainstream insurer and/or may have a certificate of self-insurance – meaning that they have the necessary assets to cover any damages that are incurred while their vehicle is test driven.

All dealers reserve the right to turn you down for a test drive if they don’t like the level of risk that you pose. A dealer may even ask if you carry your own insurance coverage. If you don’t own a motorcycle, you may have to answer “No, because I am not an owner yet.” If you do already have your own insurance, certain aspects of protection may carry over to your test drive session. This totally depends on your “state requirements” – and laws regarding insurance in your state.

Private Party Motorcycle Sales: Test Riding

In cases where you are looking at a motorcycle that is being sold “private party” or independently (not through a dealership), you will need to ask about insurance. For example, if you are purchasing a motorcycle off of Craigslist or a popular auction site, but want to test it out before buying it, you will need insurance. You cannot assume that the seller has insurance unless you request to see proof of coverage and they show you. Also make sure that it is legitimate and not a fake insurance card.

During a private party test ride, you may or may not be covered for liability in the event of an accident. This completely depends on state laws and what is legally required. If you are still concerned, you could pick up either a temporary or “non-owner” insurance policy for protection driving a motorcycle that you do not own. These types of policies typically provide liability protection, but no physical damage to the motorcycle being driven.

Dealers Are Usually Responsible for Claims

Keep in mind that in most cases, the dealership or private party seller should have adequate insurance to account for test rides.  Despite the fact that there is a small chance of getting into an accident during a test run, there is still a chance.  Since you will likely be driving the motorcycle on public roads, you will be required to have insurance (in most states).

In the event that there is some sort of loss or accident, the responsibility would fall on the shoulders of the seller (or dealer).  Additionally, if the insurance company decides that the seller was “negligent” in allowing someone to test drive the vehicle, they may file a lawsuit against the driver for damages.  If you already know that you have an insurance policy, it may cover you while you test ride.

Test Riding a Motorcycle on Private Property

Do you still need insurance if you will be riding on private property? When driving a motorcycle on private property, you are not subject to the same insurance laws as you would be while riding on public roads. Private property cannot be regulated by your state laws and/or other regulations. This means if the bike is driven on “private property” no one necessarily needs to provide insurance. However, in the event of an accident, you would still want to make sure that the person “at fault” is held financially accountable for the damages.

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance for a Test Drive?

If you are going for a test ride, in most cases you will not need any insurance. Always double check with the owner to make sure that you are covered in the event that anything happened while you are testing the bike. If you are considering purchasing a new motorcycle or have just purchased a new bike, you will need to obtain motorcycle insurance. In order to find the best possible deal on coverage, you can use the free tool available on this website by entering your Zip Code.

This will show a list of the leading insurance providers for your specific location. From this list of top providers, it will be up to you to gather quotes from each company. Getting quotes is completely free and will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay to insure your bike. Narrow down your search by reading company reviews on this website and conducting thorough comparisons!

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