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Encompass Motorcycle Insurance Review

Encompass Motorcycle Insurance Review

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Encompass Insurance Company is a company that takes an innovative approach when it comes to all aspects of insurance. They offer a variety of different types of insurance including: home, auto, boat, home business, personal umbrella, and motorcycle policies. Although they haven’t been around for nearly as long as other major insurers, they do have one thing going for them – they are backed by the insurance giant, Allstate.  If you’d like to compare to Encompass’ parent company read the Allstate review. Since the 1990s, Encompass has taken strides to separate themselves from the pack by creating combination policies and deluxe coverage packages for individuals that want elite protection.

As of now, Encompass offers insurance products throughout the United States with the exception of the following: Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. If you live in any of those states, unfortunately you will have to select a company other than Encompass for your coverage. However, if you live in a state that was not among those listed, you can look for a motorcycle insurance policy through this company. Below is a thorough breakdown of Encompass and what they offer on their motorcycle insurance policies.

Encompass Company History

Encompass was founded by CNA Financial when they began selling commercial lines of insurance. In 1999, CNA Financial had gained some momentum that took notice of the major insurer Allstate. The Allstate Corporation purchased the CNA Financial insurance and went on to rename it Encompass in the year 2000. The name change was made to “Encompass” because Allstate wanted to provide people with insurance products that took care of all their needs. They created packages that would literally “encompass” every type of major insurance people want – this made the new name very fitting for the Allstate subsidiary.

Despite the fact that Encompass is a fairly new company compared to most insurers, they have experienced a few milestones and advancements as an insurer. From the year 2000 to 2010, Encompass put a major emphasis on selling their products through independent agents, having top notch customer care, and creating different types of package deals to help their customers be better protected. By the year 2011, there were nearly 3000 independent agents throughout 42 states and the company had nearly 1000 employees.

As of 2012 they had written over $1.06 billion in premiums. By 2013, they had created a new policy called “The Encompass OneSM Policy.” This helped people get coverage for their home and auto all in one package. They also created an option for individuals to add on insurance for their home-based business. Now this company promotes a “Power of One” – one deductible, one bill, and one agent – for the simplest, most efficient coverage. The current slogan for Encompass is “creating protection around you.”

Encompass Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

The most important aspect of any insurance policy is the coverage. The price is important, but if you aren’t getting the coverage that you need or want for your bike, it can be frustrating as a driver. Below are some of the various coverage options you’ll have if you decide to insure your bike with Encompass.

Collision Coverage – Colliding with another vehicle or another person’s property can cause quite a mess. When you collide there is usually a lot of damage and repair work that needs to be done on your vehicle and that of the other person. With collision coverage, your insurance assesses the damages and then pays the cost of reimbursement to fix things.

Comprehensive Coverage – Fires, theft, vandalism, animal damage, and weather damage aren’t covered under normal policies. If you add comprehensive coverage for your bike under Encompass this will protect you from everything that could occur besides a collision.

Emergency Transportation – If you ever need emergency transportation, one of Encompass’ policies will provide you with coverage. This may cost you some extra money, but could be worth it if you are ever involved in an emergency situation.

Guest Passenger Liability – If you are in an accident that causes injury to any of your passengers, this protection will cover them. Often times passengers become injured and the driver is liable to pay for those injuries. If you have this type of coverage, your insurance policy will take care of it.

Medical Expense Coverage – Should you ever be “at fault” for an accident in which you seriously injure someone, the medical bills may be extremely expensive. If you lack adequate medical insurance, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. This coverage will provide you with an extra $10,000 towards medical treatments.

New Motorcycle Replacement – If you have a bike that is brand new and it gets totaled in an accident, Encompass will replace it for you when the cost to fix it exceeds the cash value. They will get you a current model year of your motorcycle if possible or a new bike from a similar class if yours is no longer in stock.

Property Damage – Hitting someone else’s property and causing some sort of damage can be a huge financial burden if you don’t have insurance. Encompass will provide you with coverage to the limits of your selection. There is a minimum amount of this coverage required in each state, the amount you buy depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Roadside Assistance – If there ever comes a time where you are riding and your bike breaks down or needs towing, Encompass roadside assistance will help. Whether you need a tow, your bike fixed, or are stuck on the side of the road with your bike, this aspect of the Encompass policies will remedy your situation.

Trip Interruption Coverage – In the event that you go on vacation and your trip becomes interrupted due to a breakdown, problem with your bike, an accident, etc. – Encompass will provide you with reimbursement to help get you back on your feet.

Underinsured / Uninsured Protection – Getting hit by a driver that is uninsured means that they probably aren’t going to be able to pay for damages. Legally, that driver is responsible to compensate you for their damages. With drivers that are underinsured, they may have some insurance to pay for the accident that they caused, but they don’t have enough for complete reimbursement. In this case, having protection for these types of drivers would be helpful. If you get this type of coverage with Encompass, they will pay whatever it costs to properly fix the damage that the uninsured or underinsured person caused.

Encompass OneSM Policy

For the new Encompass OneSM Policy, there are three types of packages that you can choose from to best fit your needs. These three packages are for individuals that want the best coverage, higher protection limits, and would like to bundle home insurance with their auto, boat, motorcycle, etc.

  1. Elite – This is their highest level of coverage. It is the most expensive, but also provides the most extensive protection.
  2. Deluxe – This is their second tier of coverage which includes replacement cost on property and includes various enhanced coverage features.
  3. Special – This features limits and types of coverage that are not included on standard policies.

Encompass Motorcycle Insurance Payment Options

You have a couple of different payment options with Encompass for your policy. You can either pay the entire thing upfront (i.e. pay in full) or you can pay on a monthly basis. These are the two most popular options for making insurance payments, but it would be nice to see more variety such as: every six months or even quarterly payments.

Pay In Full – If you pay for your entire policy upfront, you will be given extra savings. This shows Encompass that you are responsible customer. If you pay for an entire year’s worth of coverage in one payment, they reward you with a discount. For people that can afford this option, it ends up being a money saver in the long run. However, for other individuals, paying such a large bill upfront may not be affordable.

Monthly – For everyone that doesn’t want to pay in full, there is a monthly payment option. With this you are issued a new statement each month. It is more suitable for people on a tight budget or individuals that don’t like making big upfront payments. You can set up monthly billing online too so that money is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

Encompass Payment Methods

  • Automatic Withdrawal
  • Checking
  • Credit Card
  • EFT
  • Mail (Express)
  • Online (MyCheckFree)
  • Phone (Toll Free)

Does Encompass offer paperless billing?

Yes. Like most of the major insurers including Encompass’ parent company Allstate, they offer paperless billing options. If you don’t like the extra paper or getting billing statements in the mail, you can opt to receive only digital billing statements. Simply log-in to your online account and set up paperless billing and/or automatic payments. This will help reduce clutter and helps save the environment. Plus you can get email notifications telling you when to pay your bill as opposed to a bill coming in the mail each month.

Encompass Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Below are some ways in which you can save money on the Encompass motorcycle insurance policies. They do offer plenty of savings, but the fact that they are constantly making revisions to their discounts may be somewhat frustrating to prospective customers. They have made subtle changes to the ways in which you can save throughout the years. Below are some of the popular reported discounts with Encompass.

Anti-Lock Brake System Discount – Does your motorcycle have an anti-lock brake system installed? If so you can get yourself a discount on your policy. If you own a relatively new bike, chances are favorable that you have this installed.

Anti-Theft Device Discount – Do you have some sort of alarm or tracking device installed on your bike? If you have any type of effective anti-theft device installed on your motorcycle, you can save yourself some money. Just prove to Encompass that it is installed and they will give you a discount.

Easy Encompass Easy Pay Plan – You will be given a discount just for using the Encompass automated payment system online. This is pretty easy, just sign up, set up your billing, and you’re done.

Enhanced Accident Forgiveness – Let’s say you are found to be “at fault” for an accident. Most of the time you would incur a surcharge through your insurance company. Encompass will waive the surcharges even if you are a new driver.

Future Effective Date – If you are issued a policy a week or more prior to the effective date, you will save yourself money. This is a pretty easy way for most customers to save a little bit of extra money.

Good Payer Discount – If you pay your bills on time and don’t have any major problems with your Encompass policy, you can get up to 5% off just for being a “good payer.”

Good Student Discount – If you do well in school by getting good grades, this shows Encompass that you take your studies seriously. By doing well in school, they believe that you will put extra effort into being a safe driver. Get up to 10% off your policy by getting at least a “B” average.

Home Owner Discount – Most major insurers will offer you savings on motorcycle insurance for simply owning a home. Owning a home shows that you were able to show financial independence and accountability.

Multi-Policy Discount – If you need to buy other insurance policies with Encompass such as: auto insurance, homeowners insurance, boat insurance, etc. – you can save money by getting multiple policies. Even if you need multiple motorcycle insurance policies, you can get a discount.

New Bike Discount – Did you just get a brand new bike? If so you may qualify for a discount with Encompass. Brand new vehicles are often the most expensive to insure, but they may give you a deal on your policy as well as a replacement guarantee depending on the exact policy that you choose.

Safety Class Discount – If you take a motorcycle safety class and pass it, you may be eligible for additional savings. Not all classes will qualify for the extra savings, but if you contact Encompass, you can find out which classes qualify.

Safe Driving Bonus – Encompass promises to give you 5% off your next policy’s premium if no one on your policy had an accident over the previous 12-month policy term. If you don’t get into an accident for a year, you will get the discount.

A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)

The financial strength rating given to Encompass insurance was an “A+” from A.M. Best. This suggests that they are a company that is unlikely to experience a financial collapse. They seem to be doing good business and are a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation. Due to the fact that Allstate runs the show and are valued at over $32 billion, it is unlikely that Encompass will fold or be unable to pay their claims on a timely basis. Although it is good to be a company with diversified assets and have a quality rating from A.M. Best, customer satisfaction is just as important.

What have customers said in regards to Encompass? The average customer rating for Encompass seems to be about a 3/5 stars. Most people like the fact that you can bundle a lot of different types of insurance together, and they also seem to like the amount of coverage options. However, there have been issues that customers have taken with their handling of claims as well as their cost. They seem to be less than admirable at handling claims on a timely basis and they charge more than average for a policy.

Get Free Encompass Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Online!

If you like what Encompass has to offer, you should check them out and see what kind of a deal they have in store for you on a motorcycle policy. One thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of other companies that offer great deals and extensive coverage on motorcycle insurance. If you are unsure about the most reasonable companies in your area, you can use the free quote box below or at the top of the page to compare leading providers in your area.

Simply enter your Zip Code and you will get a computer generated list of the providers that offer the best value for your dollar. Encompass is a company that has grown and seems to have a lot of great options, but be sure to compare rates with other companies before assuming one is the best.

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