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Esurance Motorcycle Insurance Review

Esurance Motorcycle Insurance Review

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Esurance has been a major player in the United States insurance industry since it was founded in 1998. The reason that Esurance appeals to many people is due to the fact that it emphasizes a more online approach towards handling insurance. The name “Esurance” implies that anyone looking for insurance can easily get a quote and sign up for a policy online. Perhaps you may know this company from their television commercials in which a cartoonish female spy with pink hair named Erin poses as an insurance agent. Erin appeared in over 30 commercials for Esurance and promoted the company with her animated superhero charm.

Although Esurance has undergone significant changes in marketing since days with superhero “Erin Esurance,” many people still like the appeal of this company. Many individuals trust that they can count on Esurance for reliable motorcycle insurance coverage. Before you jump on the bandwagon of this popular online insurance company, make sure you read some details below to find out more information about coverage, discounts, and whether this company will really provide you with a good deal on a motorcycle insurance policy.

Esurance Company History

The company Esurance was initially established in 1998 under the name Silicon Sierra, Inc. The group of co-founders included: Charles Wallace, David Griffin, Huyen Bui, Jean-Bernard Duler, and Jeffrey Goodman. In it’s first round of venture funding, Trinity Ventures and Palo Alto Ventures led with $5.5 million for Esurance. By 1999, Redpoint Ventures and Global Retail Ventures had led a second round of funding with $34 million. Since the funding, Esurance made a heavy push to launch its company website and write auto insurance.

In December of 1999, Esurance began writing personal auto insurance in 4 states and had launched its website. Many people consider this company among the first to offer comparison quotes with other top insurers. Additionally, the company has also been considered one of the first to ever heavily focus their marketing efforts toward a more online approach to insurance. By year 2000, Folksamerica Holding Company, Inc. purchased Esurance. In 2004, Esurance made history by becoming one of the first auto insurers to provide discounts to same-sex couples.

Esurance continued to expand as a company by partaking in corporate sponsorships, making tweaks to their marketing campaigns, and partnering with other companies. For example, Esurance had been involved in sponsoring the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Pac-12 collegiate basketball conference, as well as the NBA team the Golden State Warriors. They also have sponsored the Trevor Project for LGBT awareness. They also formed a partnership with HSG – a glass claims service company for a campaign called “Save a Windshield, Plant a Tree.” This involved a pledge to plant a tree for every Esurance customer that has their windshield repaired instead of completely replaced.

As Esurance became a household name among the top United States insurance companies, other companies took notice. In May of 2011, the second largest U.S. insurer Allstate purchased Esurance for roughly $1 billion. As of now, the headquarters for Esurance remain in San Francisco, California. Since being purchased by Allstate, the marketing campaign for Esurance has changed. They now have a new advertising campaign with the slogan, “Insurance for the Modern World” and clearly state that they have now partnered with AllState in their commercials. It will be interesting to see how Esurance continues to evolve and whether it will become more like AllState or remain a unique insurance entity.

Esurance Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

If you are thinking about getting motorcycle insurance through Esurance, you will need to know what your options are in terms of coverage. You need to know whether you can get adequate coverage to protect yourself and keep your motorcycle insured for a fair price. Esurance clearly states that their insurance policies will cover the majority of bikes. Chances are good that your specific model of motorcycle will be covered by one of their policies.

You can get coverage for: street bikes, tour bikes, standard motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, trikes, touring motorcycles, classic motorcycles, as well as various other 2-wheeled vehicles. They do not really discriminate, but you may want to give them a call if you are unsure as to whether they will insure the model of motorcycle that you own. Below are the types of insurance that you can get with an Esurance motorcycle insurance policy.

Accessory Coverage – Do you have a lot of accessories that you need insured on your motorcycle? If so, you may want to look at the appropriate coverage limits through Esurance for bike accessories. You can get coverage for things like saddlebags, helmets, customizations, etc.

Comprehensive Coverage – This will protect you from vandalism, theft, fire, weather damage, animal damage, etc. This is sometimes referred to as coverage “other than collision” because it will have you insured in case your motorcycle would get charred in a fire or tossed in a tornado. For expensive and valuable motorcycles, it is usually wise to get this extra protection.

Collision Coverage – The moment you get into an accident, collision insurance comes into play. Whether you hit another vehicle, crash into a building, or inflict damage upon another object by colliding, you need to be insured. Collision coverage helps pay for the damages that are caused by your accident. This will help replace or repair your bike, riding leathers, helmet ($500 maximum), and other motorcycle apparel.

Liability Coverage – It is essential to have liability insurance whenever you are involved in an accident. This will help pick up costs for damage inflicted upon other parties as well as any property that may have been affected. This type of coverage is required by law – limits will vary by state.

New Motorcycle Protection – If your motorcycle is brand new, Esurance will pay the MSRP on a present-year bike of the exact same make and model if your bike is totaled. It is great to know that if your bike is totally banged up to the point that it is irreparable, you will get a brand new one with your insurance.

Optional Equipment Coverage – Just by adding comprehensive coverage to your policy, Esurance will give you an additional $3000 towards equipment coverage. Should you need more, they allow you to protect customized paintjobs, saddlebags, engine modifications, etc. with a $30,000 limit.

PIP Insurance – This is a type of coverage sometimes referred to as “no fault” insurance. This will cover all medical expenses of individuals on the insured bike as well as any pedestrians hit and injured by the insured motorcycle in an accident. Not everyone needs PIP (personal injury protection) coverage, but in certain states it is mandatory.

Roadside Assistance – If you want to have peace of mind knowing that you will have assistance if your motorcycle breaks down, needs a jump, or a tow, you may want to consider getting roadside assistance which can be purchased through an Esurance policy.

Total Loss Coverage – With this type of coverage, if your motorcycle gets “totaled,” your insurance will get you a current model year of your motorcycle with the same make and model. Insurance will pay the MSRP – manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the bike. If you don’t have “total loss” coverage, you will only be reimbursed the amount of your bike’s current day worth.

Towing and Labor Coverage – Should your bike break down, you can get $100 towards a tow to the closest repair center. This may be worth adding to your policy if you are a person that travels a lot with your bike.

Transport Trailer Coverage – If you own a motorcycle with a transport trailer and need to insure the trailer attachment, you will be pleased to know that Esurance offers this type of coverage. Currently they offer up to $10,000 in coverage towards a transport trailer.

Trip Interruption Coverage – If you take your motorcycle on a trip and it is interrupted by an accident or your bike breaks down, Esurance can cover you. This is an optional type of coverage, but may be worth it if you take a lot of trips. Esurance will pick up $100 for lodging, $50 for alternate transportation, and $50 for food; this is per day until your bike is fixed. There is a $500 limit per trip.

Esurance Motorcycle Insurance Payment Options

Like most insurance companies, Esurance offers you the most 2 basic payment options for your motorcycle policy. You can either pay for everything “in full” or you can make smaller, monthly payments. Just know that if you decide to pay for everything upfront or “in full” – you will get an additional discount. It would be nice to have more flexible payment options through Esurance, but they do offer the 2 most popular options. Most people should be able to determine whether they can afford to pay in full or whether monthly payments would better suit their budget.

Pay In Full – If you can afford to pay for the entire cost of the first year of your policy “in full,” you will get an additional discount on your coverage. This option is ideal for individuals that can afford to make one large payment towards their insurance. The great thing about this option besides the additional savings is the fact that you don’t have to worry about any unpaid insurance bills or keeping track of payments. Just make one payment and you don’t have to worry about your motorcycle insurance for the rest of the year.

Monthly Payments – If you cannot afford to pay for your entire annual insurance policy in one large payment, your only other option is making a payment each month. Many people have to pay their bills each month, so grouping their motorcycle insurance with their other bills isn’t as big of a deal. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and need to make affordable monthly payments, this is a great second option. Note: Monthly payments also carry an additional installment fee of $6 per payment.

Note: Esurance does allow you to change your payment type from “Pay In Full” to “Monthly” (or vice versa) at your convenience. To change your payment type, simply log onto your account online and “Change Payment Info.” If you change from “in full” to “monthly,” the monthly billing will begin at the end of your term. If you change from “monthly” to “in full,” you’ll be billed in full for whatever amount is left on your present term.

Esurance Payment Methods

  • Checking Account
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Online
  • PayPal
  • Phone
  • Savings Account

Does Esurance offer paperless billing?

Yes. Esurance is a company that was established with a digital format. In fact, this company was among the first companies to provide their customers with the option of paperless billing. They want loyal customers to have easy access to their insurance information online without having to print off paper copies. This helps them save trees, money, and help the environment. Although you can still opt to receive a paper copy of your bill in the mail, it isn’t necessary.

Esurance Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

One of the ways that elite motorcycle insurance companies like Esurance lure in new customers is by offering discounts. Let’s face it – people want to save as much money as possible. Whenever checking out a new insurance company, getting a quote is helpful. However, you won’t know how much you could save until you research the discounts. Just like any major insurer, Esurance has plenty of ways to help their customers save.

Homeowner Discount – Do you own a home? By simply being a homeowner, you stand to save money with Esurance. This shows that you are financially responsible and suggests reliability for making payments.

Multi-Vehicle Discount – If you get more than one vehicle insured on the same policy with Esurance, they will help you save money. You could add another motorcycle, trike, ATV, car, truck, etc. to your motorcycle policy to guarantee savings.

Paid-In-Full Discount – As mentioned earlier in the “Payment Options” section above, if you can pay your entire premium upfront, you will save additional money.

Prompt Payment Discount – This is a no brainer, but simply paying your bill on time for a full year will result in extra savings. Although it sounds easy, many people make late payments. If you always pay your bills on time, this will serve as a little reward.

Recovery Device (LoJackĀ®) Discount – Esurance will give you more money off your policy if you install some sort of recovery device on your motorcycle. This helps work as added security if theives try to steal your motorcycle.

Responsible Driver Discount – If you are a good driver and are always careful on the road, you may qualify for additional savings. Go for 2 years with NO accidents and NO moving violations and you will get an additional percentage off of your bills.

Safety Course Discount – Contact Esurance to ask about their recommended safety courses. If you take a course that they recommend and complete it, you will save.

Loyalty Rewards

Esurance is partnered with Progressive and they provide customers with loyalty rewards. If you are loyal to either of the companies, you will qualify for various benefits. Some of the benefits include:

Large Accident Forgiveness – If you have held a policy for over 4 years with Esurance, you will get a reward for your loyalty. If you have been claim free for 3 years, your insurance rate won’t be affected even if you cause a large accident.

Optional Equipment Coverage – You can also receive $3000 worth of coverage for your motorcycle’s custom parts following an accident. If you are in a bad accident that really mangles your parts and they need replacement – this will help.

Small Accident Forgiveness – If you have held a policy with Esurance for years, they will help prevent your premium from increasing if you cause a minor accident on your motorcycle.

A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)

The A.M. Best rating for Esurance actually improved to A+ when the company was purchased by AllState. The financial strength of this digital based insurance company has always been strong. They typically don’t have any major issues with claims and have the financial strength to compensate their customers. The A.M. Best data shows that they are a heavyweight in the insurance industry and are actually showing signs of continued financial improvement. Although this data isn’t perfect, it should help you as a customer understand that this isn’t a weak, pushover in the industry. For current ratings of this company, check that of AllState.

Despite the fact that this is a solid company, if you research independent consumer reviews, you’ll find that the average review is roughly 3/5 stars. If we put this on a percentage based scale out of 100%, this company would be at about a 60%. Not the best of ratings, but they still have a lot going for them. Since they are owned by AllState, check them out and you may be surprised with improvements that they have made.

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