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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Review

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Review

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Harley Davidson Insurance a.k.a. H-D Insurance is offered for individuals that are loyal to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle brand. All of their policies are underwritten and managed by Progressive, but are created specifically for individuals that ride Harley-Davidson bikes. Although there are plenty of motorcycle insurance companies willing to offer protection for your bike, Harley-Davidson would argue that since they created your bike – they know the best ways to insure it and what their customers want for coverage. They have different types of policies ranging from basic liability protection to full range coverage for equipment, parts, and customized bikes.

Contrary to popular belief, you can still purchase Harley-Davidson insurance even without owning a Harley. They offer coverage for other brands of motorcycles and are willing to work with you to get the protection that you need. Nearly all makes and models of the Harley-Davidson brand will be covered with one of their policies. As they state on their website, they aren’t just involved in the insurance business just to sell policies. They are an insurance company that was developed in order to protect and preserve everything that Harley stands for including: their loyal riders, the Harley-Davidson motorcycles, freedom, independence, and the “Harley way of life.”

Harley Davidson Company History

Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturing company that was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. At the time, a group of three men had a unique perspective on what they thought should embody a motorized bicycle. In a small work tool shed, the men used borrowed tools, some scrap metal, and created the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The names of the men were Bill Harley, Arthur Davidson, and Walter Davidson – hence the brand name “Harley-Davidson.”

At this time they used a three horsepower engine with a customized loop frame – making it different from all other brands of bikes at the time. In their first year, they created a grand total of three bikes. By 1907, another Davidson brother named William Davidson joined the business. Within another year, they had created over 150 bikes and had established the Harley-Davidson motor company. One more year passed and they had expanded to 18 employees and had purchased a 2380 square foot production building.

By 1920, Harley Davidson was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the entire world – with dealerships in 67 countries. They also had experienced a 5000% increase in total sales. Harley-Davidson went on to become the gold standard for all other motorcycles. In World War I, over 20,000 of the Harley bikes were used for military purposes. They were also known to be some of the fastest bikes and had the first motorcycle to ever win a race with a speed over 100 mph.

In 1928, they had developed a front wheel brake system and just a year later had a WL 45″ twin engine. In 1936, they developed a Side Valve Twin engine as well as a “Knuckle Head” engine. One year later in 1937 – William Davidson passed away. Years following William Davidson’s death included development of the OHV Super Power engine and OHV Big Twin engine. In 1942, Walter Davidson passed away and just one year later Bill Harley dies. Other new developments including the “Panhead engine” and Hydra-Glide are introduced before Arthur Davidson passes away in 1950.

Between 1957 and 1980, the company experiences significant growth and introduces things like the: XLH and XLCH Sportster, Duo-Glide, “The Topper” (fiberglass scooter), Electra-Glide, “shovel head” engine, and the electric start Sportster. During this time they also teamed up with Aeronautica Macchi S.p.A. to create some smaller bike models. In 1960, the company finally goes public after being privately held for over 60 years. A land speed record was set in 1965 with a modified Harley bike by George Roeder. New tweaks, models, and improvements continue to be introduced and by 1981, the company becomes privately owned again after being bought out by senior executives.

In 1983, the company was adapting to new regulations created by president Ronald Reagan. The company created a group called H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) that same year. Within the next few years, they developed the new “Evolution engine, air assisted anti-drive, etc. In 1986, Harley began offering stock and became a publically owned company. In 1988 the “Springer” model returned and a couple years later the Dyna model was introduced. By 1992, all Harleys created had 5 speed transmissions with belt drives.

That same year, Harley-Davidson purchased some of the Buell Motorcycle Company – and would later buy the entire company. In 1993, the 90th Anniversary parade for Harley was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and had an estimated 100,000 people in attendance. In 1995 Fuel injection models were created and by 1998, over 140,000 riders came to the Harley festival in Milwaukee to celebrate the company’s 95th Anniversary.

In 2001, Harley created the “V-Rod” and in 2003, it was their 100th birthday. Currently it is 2013 and they are 110 years old as a company. They continue to hold large festivals every year in Milwaukee to celebrate achievements, the company, and loyal customers. Harley was a company that survived the Great Depression as well as a time with high competition from Japanese bike manufacturers. They continue to evolve as a company and are constantly coming up with new developments and ideas. Most of their bikes are heavyweight and are intended for highway riding with engines in excess of 700 cc. They are a very active company that is known for hosting new bike events, promos, logo brand licensing, and museums.

They have also created H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) to help build Harley as a brand and give back to the community. This is a group that gives its members various discounts, offers to exclusive Harley events, and hosts charitable events. Currently there are over 1 million members of H.O.G. and it continues to grow as a group of individuals that are loyal to the Harley-Davidson brand. Now that you know how powerful Harley is as a company, you may want to consider them for your insurance policy – especially if you own one of their bikes.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Although you may know Harley-Davidson makes quality bikes, you may not know much about their insurance options. In order to provide their customers with the best possible insurance for Harley-Davidson bikes, they teamed up with the experts at Progressive insurance. Although the insurance is through Progressive, it was a joint effort between these two companies to offer you a great deal with all the coverage that you need for your bike.

Accessory Coverage – You will get $3,000 worth of accessory coverage included in your policy if you purchase comprehensive and/or collision coverage. In addition, you can buy a policy with $30,000 worth of accessory coverage if you need the extra protection.

Collision Coverage – This helps insure you if your Harley crashes into another vehicle, object, or building.
Anytime you collide with something and it needs to be paid for, this is where collision insurance comes into play.
Comprehensive Coverage – Things resulting from events other than a collision including: Harley theft, animal damage, weather damage, vandalism, etc. will all be picked up if you purchase comprehensive insurance.

Liability Coverage – If you are liable for damages that you cause or inflict upon another person’s vehicle, property, or body (i.e. bodily injury) – Harley insurance will help pay what you owe. You choose whatever liability limits you feel most comfortable with and they will set up a policy to suit your needs.

Medical Payment Coverage – When there is an accident that involves medical attention, someone is responsible for paying the medical bills. If you cause the accident and the person you hit needs medical attention, or any of your passengers need medical attention, you are responsible. If you purchase medical payment insurance through Harley, they will help take care of the bills up to the limit that you select.

Roadside Assistance – Should your Harley ever fail you on the road and break down, it will get towed to the nearest repair center. This is good coverage for individuals that travel a lot and that would like having extra protection.

Safety Apparel Coverage – Things like helmets and safety gear (i.e. jackets, leathers, etc.) are insured if you purchase this type of protection.

Total Loss Coverage – This pays the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for a brand new Harley motorcycle of the same make and model in the event of a total loss.

Trip Interruption Coverage – If you are on vacation and become stranded due to problems with your Harley or some kind of mechanical breakdown, Harley insurance will reimburse you for food, transportation, and your hotel (up to a certain amount).

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists – If you are riding your Harley and someone without insurance hits you, they are responsible for paying for the damages that they inflicted. However, if they lack insurance or don’t have any insurance, you may not get proper reimbursement for their damage. If you purchase UM or UIM coverage for under and uninsured motorists, you will be protected by Harley and compensated for their damages.

Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan

This type of plan protects you from costly repairs on covered claims for up to 7 years. It is the only H-D factory approved policy. It protects drivers from nearly everything imaginable.

Breakdown – Get reimbursed for breakdown expenses. Up to $75 a day for a rental vehicle, $150 a day for meals and lodging, and $200 a day for towing to a H-D dealership.

Contract Transfer – If you sell your bike, you can also sell your insurance with it to the next owner; the contract transfers over.

Debt Protection – If you find yourself out of work, Harley has a program that helps make loan payments in the event that you become unemployed due to accident or illness. If your accident is fatal your loan may even get canceled.

Deductible – You pay a $50 deductible per claim for a covered repair and no deductible for covered expense reimbursement.

GAP Program – If your Harley-Davidson is stolen and never recovered, you may have to pay the “gap” between your insurance balance and the loan balance. You are responsible for paying this gap. With the “GAP Plan” at Harley, your insurance pays the difference between the fair market value of your bike and the outstanding balance on your loan.

Nationwide Coverage – You will get nationwide repair location assistance if you need a repair.

Parts – Coverage for over 1,100 parts and real replacements.

Repairs – Expert repairs at Harley-Davidson dealerships with real Harley parts.

Tires / Wheels – For an additional charge, you can get coverage to protect the tires and wheels. They will get replaced if they are damaged by a covered road hazard.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Payment Options

Harley-Davidson Credit department wants to make it as easy as they can for their customers to pay bills on time. As of now they only have two basic payment timeframes that you can use to pay your bills. You can either pay for your motorcycle insurance on a monthly basis OR you can make a one-time payment and be covered for a full term.

Monthly Payments – The most popular payment structure is to pay monthly. You can either set up automated payments or manually pay by the stated due date each month. Automatic payments will be withdrawn from your bank account on specific billing dates.

One-Time Payment – If you can afford to make a one-time payment, you will end up paying less money than if you were to pay each month. There is a processing fee associated with the one-time payment, but you also will get a bigger discount if you pay for your entire insurance term up front.

Harley-Davidson Payment Methods

  • Check – One popular way to pay is by writing out a check to Harley.
  • Credit Card – Use your credit or debit card to pay your insurance statement.
  • EFT – You can use EFT payments (electronic funds transfer) to pay your bills.
  • Mail – You can send your payments to the Harley-Davidson credit department. To pay by mail you will need to reference your 14-digit loan account number on a check or money order.
  • Money Order – This is another option to pay your insurance bill.
  • Online – It is easy to set up your account to make payments with your account information online.
  • Phone – If you need to call Harley and pay over the phone, you have this option.

Does Harley offer paperless billing?

Yes. If you want to save yourself clutter and help save the environment, you will be happy to know that Harley insurance offers paperless billing. You can simply log-into your account online and select that you’d like to enroll in paperless billing. This will allow you to pay for your insurance statements online with whatever method you’d like to use. You can set up email reminders and get digital bills and always view your payment history from the comfort of your computer.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Another important element of an insurance policy to many people is that of discounts. If you are a safe driver and pose less risk to an insurer than another individual, you should be rewarded for being safe. Below are some of the discounts that you may qualify for with Harley-Davidson.

H.O.G. Member Discount – If you are a member of H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group), you will get many extra insurance benefits and discounts that you would not otherwise get. Simply by being a member of H.O.G. you will save money. You will also get specialized customer service and claims handling if you are a member.

Homeowners Discount – Do you own a house? If you are a homeowner, you will get extra savings on your bill.

Multi-Bike Discount – If you insure multiple bikes with Harley, you will qualify for extra savings. Even if you are insuring bikes that aren’t of the Harley brand, you can still get the discount.

Paid-In-Full Discount – If you pay your entire policy in full (i.e. use a “one-time payment”), you will get a nice discount off your bill.

A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)

Since Harley-Davidson’s insurance coverage is conducted through Progressive, this is who will be handling your claims and taking care of your insurance needs. It is basically a joint effort by both companies – insurance customized by Harley and Progressive. The Progressive company has been given an “A+” rating by A.M. Best – which indicates significant financial strength. This is the sign of a good company that does solid business and will handle claims properly and fairly in a timely manner.

Customer reviews for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance are positive. People seem to like that the insurance is tailored specifically for their Harley bike and handled by a top insurer in the industry (Progressive). The satisfaction rating is roughly a 4/5 stars – about 80% of independent reviews on the internet are positive. If you are considering H-D insurance for your motorcycle, it is still always wise to compare them to other top insurers before settling on a policy.

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