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How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance For A 20 Year Old?

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance For A 20 Year Old?

If you are 20 years of age, and are looking to get insurance for your motorcycle, there are a number of different factors that will influence the cost. Cost is not only determined by age, it is determined by other things including: type of motorcycle, where you live (i.e. your state), the amount of coverage you’d like to purchase, your sex, past traffic violations, etc. There is not currently any exact way to predict how much you will be expected to pay for a policy as a 20 year old rider. The fact that you are 20 years old only influences a portion of the cost.

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance for a 20 Year Old?

Below are some rough estimates of what you would be expected to pay as a 20 year old.  This is based on data we’ve collected from riders in this age group.  The amount you pay may be greater than these numbers or significantly less than these numbers if you have a high deductible and lower value motorcycle.  You also may pay less if you only insure your motorcycle on a seasonal basis (e.g. don’t drive it in the winter months).

  • Liability-Only Coverage: ~$500+ per year
  • Full Coverage: ~$900 per year

Unfortunately there is no exact way to determine the cost unless more information is known. Will you be covered under your parents insurance policy? Are you getting your own coverage? Below are some factors you’ll want to keep in mind because they influence the price of your policy.  Read more about how “average cost” is determined.

  • Age: Since you are still a driver that is only 20 years of age, you will be categorized as a “high risk” driver. Unfortunately most drivers are considered “high-risk” until their mid twenties.
  • Company: The company that you choose for your insurance will influence the cost. For this reason it is highly recommended to compare quotes from multiple providers. You can use the free tool at the top of the page or below to collect quotes and compare rates.
  • Coverage: How much coverage do you plan on purchasing? Do you need just a basic liability-only policy? Or are you looking to add comprehensive and collision? Will you be covered by your parents insurance? The amount of coverage you need will affect the overall cost of your policy.
  • Driving Record: Your driving record will influence the amount you pay on a policy. Although you are a young driver, if you have any violations, the price will be increased. If you have been a safe driver and have no violations, you can reduce the cost.
  • Location: Where do you live? There are “state requirements” for liability insurance that must be met. The minimum amount of liability coverage varies depending on where you live. If you are required to buy more coverage, you will end up paying more towards insurance.
  • Male: Are you a male driver? If so, expect your rates to be greater than those of your female counterparts. Males are linked to more serious accidents than females.
  • Female: Are you a female driver? If you are a female rider, you can expect to get charged a little less money than the men.
  • Type of Motorcycle: Do you have a standard motorcycle or a new crotch rocket? If you own an expensive motorcycle, you will be expected to pay more than one with less value.

Getting Motorcycle Insurance as a 20 Year Old

If you are 20 years old and are looking to get an insurance policy, but are unsure about the costs associated with the coverage, take the time to compare companies. You can use the 100% free tool below to enter your Zip Code and compare rates of top providers. Once you have taken the time to collect quotes, compare them among the various companies. Determine which company is offering the lowest priced policy for the amount of coverage that you need. When you have compared all of the top companies for your location, you will be able to make sure that you get the best possible deal as a 20 year old motorcyclist!

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