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How To Get Cheap Motorcycle Insurance For Convicted Riders

How To Get Cheap Motorcycle Insurance For Convicted Riders

Even though your motorist conviction may have been totally unintentional or an unnecessary mistake, it is something that you must deal with. Since it will remain on your driving record, you will be viewed as a “high risk” candidate when applying for insurance. Certain insurers may even decide that since you were convicted, you are too risky to insure – they may turn you down for coverage. Getting insurance for your bike with a conviction on your record is more expensive and can be frustrating if your insurance applications keep getting rejected.

Motorcycle Insurance for Convicted Riders

If you attempt to falsify your information or obtain a fake insurance card, you could face major penalties from the law. Whenever you go to shop for coverage, you will need to list that you have been convicted. The good news is that although you don’t have a clean record, you can improve it and you can also find alternative ways to keep your policy costs low. Below we will discuss what types of driving behavior can lead to a conviction as well as how you can still purchase coverage.

What Leads to a Driving Conviction?

People get convicted for various reasons including manslaughter, driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, etc. Below are some things that can lead to getting convicted.  Do not assume that just because something isn’t on this list that it will not affect your driving record.  Each state has different penalties and laws that apply to drivers.  An incident that may lead to a conviction in one state may not in another.

  • Causing Death: If you end up killing someone while driving and are in a fatal accident, you will be convicted. In some cases you may be charged with manslaughter. This will leave a scar on your driving record.
  • Causing Injury: If you are involved in an accident in which you injure another individual, you may get convicted. Serious injuries from accidents for which you were determined to be “at fault” will likely result in a conviction.
  • Driving with Excess Alcohol: If you are caught driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, you may receive a conviction. Drunk driving laws are subject to variation depending on the state in which you live.
  • Reckless / Dangerous Driving: This is defined as driving in a mental state which the driver displays a disregard for rules of the road and misjudges common driving procedures. This often leads to accidents and other damages.
  • Careless Driving: If you drive without due care and attention, you could be charged with “careless” driving.

How to Get Cheap Motorcycle Insurance for Convicted Riders

It may not be easy to get motorcycle coverage for a low price with a conviction. However, you still have the opportunity to get coverage and take action to reduce your rates. There are many things that can be done to help keep your insurance costs as low as possible. As time passes and you prove that you are a safer driver than you were in the past, your premiums will drop.

Secure Your Bike: Theft Protection

It is important to always have anti-theft security installed on your motorcycle. Not only will this reduce your rates, it will show your insurer that you are serious about minimizing you risk. Keeping your bike in a garage or locked storage unit overnight can help get you added discounts that you may need. You may also want to look into GPS tracking devices, locking units, and/or Lo-Jack devices.  Securing your bike is especially helpful if you are trying to reduce the cost of comprehensive coverage.

Minimize Mileage: Reduce Your Risk

The best way to keep your insurance costs low is to drive your bike less. Drive it only when you need to or when is convenient. Set up a specific number of miles with your insurance company that you plan on driving per month. If you agree to ride under a certain mileage limit, you may get an additional discount and/or savings. The less time you are on the road, the less your insurer has to worry about you getting into an accident.

Rider Safety Courses: Help You Save

If you haven’t taken a motorcycle safety course, this is a sure-fire way to keep your costs low. Although you may have a conviction, this shows that you are being proactive about your personal safety. If you pass a state-approved and/or insurer-approved safety class, and show proof that you passed, you will further reduce your premiums.

Bike Type: Consider a Slower, Less Powerful Vehicle

What type of motorcycle do you ride? If the bike you ride is very valuable or expensive, your insurance costs are going to be higher to reflect its value. With a conviction, you may want to consider riding a less expensive motorcycle for a few years until your level of risk improves. Also consider the speed and horsepower associated with your motorcycle. The greater it is, the more you can expect to pay. The less horsepower and speed, the cheaper your policy will be.

Comparison Shop: Get Free Quotes & Compare Coverage

Never automatically assume that you will be rejected for coverage by every insurer. Take the time to collect quotes from every company that you know. If you need help finding the top-rated providers in your area, simply enter your location into one of the three Zip Code box’s on this website. You will be able to see which providers offer the best deals. Never assume you need to take coverage from whichever company will accept you. Always compare rates and make sure the coverage is something you can afford.

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