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Mississippi Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Mississippi Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Mississippi is located in the Southern region of the United States. The state was named after the Mississippi River which flows down the western extremities of the state. The word “Mississippi” was originally derived from the Ojibwe word “misi-ziibi” which translates to “Great River.” The state consists of many forests, farms, and different forms of natural wildlife. This state is known for its abundance of magnolia flowers – which is why it has received the nickname of “The Magnolia State.”

The economy of Mississippi has been somewhat depressed compared to the rest of the country. It is considered one of the poorest states in terms of finances throughout the entire United States. Despite having a poor, depressed economy, residents of this state are the highest per capita for charitable donations. The reason this state became economically poor is because it was dependent upon cotton as its major cash crop along with slavery. When slavery became eradicated and farmers ran into problems with their farming, the state became poor. Today it is Casinos that bring in a lot of money for the state and have helped their economy rebound.

Mississippi Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Even though most residents in this state may be poorer than average, they still need to get insurance before driving a motorcycle. If you own a motorcycle and plan on cruising through the Magnolia State, you are going to need to prove financial responsibility. The reason you need to prove responsibility is so that if you end up causing an accident, you will have enough assets to pay for reimbursement.

How to Establish Financial Responsibility in Mississippi

The only option you are given if you want to drive in this state is to get liability coverage. There are no alternative methods to establish responsibility. Although in other states you may have a few more options to establish responsibility, most people end up choosing to get insurance anyways.

  • Liability Insurance – You need to purchase liability from a state-licensed insurer before you can legally drive.

Note: This type of coverage will pay for bodily injuries as well as property damage in the event that there is an accident. Before you get insurance, make sure you know the proper classification of your motorcycle or other 2-wheeled vehicle.

Motorcycles / Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

Each state has different definitions for various types of 2-wheeled vehicles. In most states it is important to understand the exact classification for your two-wheeler so that you can follow proper laws and regulations. However, in the state of Mississippi, all two-wheeled motor vehicles are under the same classification and must be insured. They do not have specific laws and rules for mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles.

Motorcycle: Any motor vehicle with a seat or saddle for the driver that travels on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground. Tractors are excluded from this definition.

Moped: Any motor vehicle with pedals for human propulsion. These also travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground. It is basically a bicycle with a motor that allows the driver to use the motor and pedal.

Scooter: Any motor vehicle with a platform for the driver’s feet and handlebars. These may be have a gas or electric motor. Scooters travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the road. These are typically not as powerful as mopeds or motorcycles.

Should you have any further questions regarding your particular vehicle, you can contact the Mississippi Department of Public Safety at the following number: (601)-987-1255. They have experts trained to help people with questions regarding motor vehicles.

Mississippi Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements

Below are the minimum requirements that must be met if you plan on driving in the state of Mississippi. As you can see, you must fulfill the amount of liability insurance listed below before you can legally drive.

Liability Insurance:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person

  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident

  • $25,000 property damage per accident

Keep in mind that the above amounts are only the minimum requirements and may not be enough protection from damages in a severe accident. If you want to feel secure on the road, you may want to think about getting more than a bare minimum policy. Talk to your insurance provider and they will help you come up with coverage limits that keep you better protected.

Mississippi Laws: Safety & Licensing Requirements

Each state has specific regulations that you must follow if you plan on driving. Laws concerning helmet usage, protective eye-wear, and headlights are important to know if you live in this state. Additionally, you must get proper licensing for your vehicle before you drive.

  • Helmets – All motorcyclists in the state of Mississippi are required to wear helmets. Helmets must be DOT certified and in accordance with law.
  • Eye Protection – Although you are NOT required to wear eye protection, it is recommended.
  • Headlights – It is recommended to use your motorcycle headlights during the daytime, but you are not legally obligated.
  • Licensing – Before you drive, you must obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license. In order to obtain proper licensing, you must complete both a written and road test. If you have already taken an approved safety course and passed, you may be eligible to waive the road test.

Proof of Insurance in Mississippi

Most states require that you have proof of insurance before you register your motorcycle or apply for a registration renewal. In the state of Mississippi, you are NOT required to have any proof when you register your bike or renew its registration. However, it is still important to always keep proof with you at all times while you drive.

  • Insurance Card – Your providers will issue you a card with policy information after you purchase coverage. This card proves that you have sufficient liability coverage to legally operate your motorcycle.

When do you need to show proof? If you are ever pulled over by a police officer, they will likely to ask for proof. Also, you must provide proof in the event that you are involved in an accident. These are the two major scenarios that you would need to have proof or you could end up in legal trouble.

Penalty for Lack of Insurance in Mississippi

In the state of Mississippi, it may be more common to drive without insurance because proof is not required when an individual applies for motorcycle registration. Since insurance proof isn’t required upon registration, people are more likely to avoid getting insurance. Driving without insurance is not only a huge mistake with severe penalties, but it is illegal.

  • Fines: If you are caught driving without insurance for your motorcycle, you may be fined up to $1,000 – a pretty significant chunk of change. If you have committed multiple offenses of driving without insurance, you will end up paying even more.
  • Suspension: You may end up having to deal with having a suspended driver’s license for a complete year. This means you will not be able to drive any vehicle until your penalty term has been served.
  • Reinstatement Fees: When your license gets suspended, you are required to pay for its reinstatement. Following your suspension sentence, you will be required to pay various fees to reinstate your driving privileges.

Mississippi Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Many people get frustrated when trying to find the best deal on an insurance policy for their motorcycles. In order to help you get the best deal on insurance coverage, you can use the 100% free tool at the bottom of the page (or at the top). This tool allows you to enter your Zip Code and will generate a list of the leading providers in your specific location. From the list, you can check into each of the companies and collect free quotes.

They will give you quotes or estimates based on what you will likely pay for coverage. You can compare all of these companies and determine which provider is offering you the most coverage for your money. Your goal is to find a policy with coverage that makes you happy at a price that you can afford. Once you have taken these steps, you will be able to ride through the Magnolia State!

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