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New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

New Hampshire is located in the Northeastern region or the New England area of the United States. The state was named in honor of the southern English county of Hampshire. It is among both the smallest and least populated states in the U.S. It is historically noted for being the very first colony to break away from Great Britain in 1776 as well as the first state to have its own constitution. This is one of the only states to have no sales tax on goods and residents do not have to pay personal income tax at the state level.

This state was nicknamed “The Granite State” in regards to the widespread formations of granite throughout the region. Recreational activities in New Hampshire consist of hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, and various winter sports. Notable individuals from this state include: Franklin Pierce, Adam Sandler, Dan Brown, Alan Shepard, and Robert Frost. The economy in this state is powered largely by agriculture, industrial manufacturing, and tourism.

New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Are you required to have insurance before you drive a motorcycle in the state of New Hampshire? No. Residents of this state are not required by law to have insurance. This means that if a police officer pulls you over, they will not ask to see proof of insurance because it is unnecessary. Despite the fact that you are not required to have insurance or any sort of financial responsibility, it is still recommended to get coverage.

How to Establish Financial Responsibility in NH

As was already mentioned, you don’t need financial responsibility in this state. However, if you are “at-fault” for an accident and do not have any sort of coverage, you will still face the consequences. By causing damage to another person’s property or inflicting bodily injury on another person, you are legally responsible to reimburse them for what was endured.

  • Liability Insurance – The easiest way to protect yourself (from having to pay out of your own pocket for accident damages), is to get liability coverage from a licensed provider.

Who is required to get insurance? SR-22 Forms.

The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires certain individuals to still get liability insurance. The following individuals listed below may be required by law to get insurance or an SR-22 liability insurance policy.

  • People involved in accidents – If you don’t have insurance, you will need to file an SR-22.
  • Convictions – If you are convicted with a DUI, you will have to take out an SR-22.
  • Reckless Drivers – People that are convicted for reckless driving will need proof of insurance.
  • Traffic Violations – If you have received many traffic violations, you may require insurance.

Note: SR-22 Liability Insurance is generally required for up to 3 years following your conviction or accident.

Motorcycles / Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

If you are not sure about the classification of your vehicle, read the following definitions below. If you are still unable to determine the exact classification of your two-wheeled vehicle, be sure to contact the New Hampshire DMV at the following number: (603)-227-4000. They have experts around that are trained to help answer your questions regarding registration and insurance.

Motorcycle: A motor vehicle with a seat or saddle for the operator that travels on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground. All motorcycles need to be registered and drivers need to obtain proper licensing.

Moped: A motor-driven cycle that does not exceed 30 mph or 2-brake horsepower. If an internal combustion engine is used, the displacement must not exceed 50 cc. The transmission system also needs to be automatic. These require registration and licensing.

Scooter: This is basically a smaller version of a motorcycle that has a flat platform for the feet and a seat for the driver. It is not as powerful as a motorcycle. These still need to be registered if they are driven on public roads.

New Hampshire Minimum Insurance Requirements

Below are the minimum insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles. As you know, you are not obligated to get liability insurance for your motorcycle. However, if you are mandated to get insurance or would like to purchase a policy, you can use the minimums below as a guideline. For individuals that need to get SR-22 Liability coverage, below are the amounts that need to be fulfilled.

Liability Insurance:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person

  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident

  • $25,000 property damage per accident

Although insurance is not required, it is highly recommended that you still get a policy. All it takes is one accident and you are stuck paying (potentially thousands of dollars) out of your own savings account towards damages. By having an insurance policy, it will help pick up some costs associated with an accident of which you are involved. Just because insurance is not required in your state does NOT mean that you are exempt from reimbursing others if you are “at fault” for a crash.

New Hampshire Laws: Safety & Licensing Requirements

Despite the fact that you are not required to get insurance in the state of New Hampshire, you are still required to follow the state’s motorcycle regulations. In other words, you should know some basics such as whether you need to wear a helmet, if you should have eye protection, or if you need a motorcycle license. Below are some of the requirements to keep in mind.

  • Helmets – Motorcyclists are NOT required to wear a helmet in New Hampshire unless you are under the age of 18.
  • Eye Protection – It is mandatory that you wear eye protection unless your motorcycle has a windshield / screen that protects your eyes.
  • Licensing – All riders must obtain a motorcycle license or endorsement on their driver’s license. In order to get an official license, you must pass the proper written and road testing. If you have already completed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course, you may be exempt from taking the road skills test.

New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Many individuals may not want to get insurance in New Hampshire because it is not mandated by law. However, just because you are not legally mandated does not mean that it’s smart to drive without coverage. If you get into an accident and lack liability insurance, you will be held accountable for paying to cover the damages that you’ve caused. When you register your vehicle, it is still a good idea to have some insurance to show financial responsibility.

If you are interested in getting an insurance policy to cover your motorcycle in New Hampshire, you will need to do some research. The goal when shopping for insurance is to find a provider that gives you the coverage you want for an affordable rate. You also want to choose a company that has received good reviews from customers and critics. It would be helpful to use the reviews provided on this site as a reference. You should also use the quote box below (or at the top of the page) to compare rates of leading providers in your area.

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