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North Carolina Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

North Carolina Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

North Carolina is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Although it is average in terms of area, it is the 10th most populated of the United States. Many people refer to North Carolina as the “Tar Heel State” – a nickname that was derived from the Revolutionary War. It is reported that during the war, the “Tar River” had tar poured into it and when British Troops forded the river, their feet were covered in tar – hence being called “tar heels.” Other individuals reference this state as the “Old North State.”

The economy of North Carolina used to be heavily geared towards tobacco, textiles, and furniture, but has transitioned to being more focused on finance, energy, biotechnology, and engineering. The climate of this state is considered humid and subtropical and is largely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean which borders the east of the state. Due to the climate, nearby ocean, and large population, many tourists enjoy visiting this state.

North Carolina Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Many people love riding their motorcycles through the beautiful state of North Carolina. If you are planning on taking your motorcycle on public roads in this state, you will need to follow the state regulations. Before driving, it is required by law to first establish financial responsibility. Financial responsibility is mandatory so that if you were to ever get into an accident, you’ll have enough financial backing to pay for any potential damages that are caused.

How to Establish Financial Responsibility in NC

The most common way people establish financial responsibility in this state is by purchasing liability insurance. This will help pick up costs in an accident for which you are considered “at-fault.” Things covered by this type of policy would include bodily injuries as well as property damage. Although other states may have alternatives to insurance, this is a state in which you must have some sort of liability coverage before operating a motorcycle.

  • Liability Insurance: You will need to purchase liability insurance that satisfies the minimum coverage requirements for this state. This can be purchased through any insurer that has a license to sell in NC.

Motorcycles / Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

Many people aren’t sure about how their 2-wheeled vehicles should be classified. Proper classification of your vehicle will help you better understand driving regulations, insurance requirements, and determine whether your vehicle needs to be registered. If you aren’t sure about the classification of your vehicle, read the definitions below.

If you are still confused about the classification of your 2-wheeled vehicle, you can contact the North Carolina DMV at the following number: (919)-715-7000. They have experts that are trained to help you figure things out. If you have any questions about title, registration, insurance, classification, etc. – they will help you out.

North Carolina Minimum Insurance Requirements for Motorcycles

As you can see below, North Carolina’s requirements are higher than most states for the minimums. The reason they require a greater amount of coverage than other states is because they want to help keep drivers safe and prepared in the event that they get into an accident. As you can see you will be required to be insured for bodily injuries as well as property damage.

Liability Insurance:

  • $30,000 bodily injury per person

  • $60,000 bodily injury per accident

  • $25,000 property damage per accident

You may have seen the requirements written as a “30/60/25” policy. This is just a way to abbreviate the amount (in thousands of dollars) that you are required for each aspect of coverage. It is important to understand that the above amounts are just the minimums.

North Carolina Motorcycle Laws: Safety & Licensing Requirements

In each state there are specific rules that must be followed by motorcyclists. It is important to know whether you should be wearing a helmet, eye protection, using your headlights during the daytime, and what licensing you need to operate your vehicle. Read below for information to keep in mind before driving.

  • Helmets: All drivers (and passengers) are required to wear helmets. There are NO exceptions to this rule. All helmets must be in compliance with FMVSS 218 standards.
  • Eye Protection: You are NOT required to wear eye protection in this state. However, it is recommended to have a windshield or screen to help protect your eyes.
  • Headlights: You are required by law to use your headlights in the daytime.
  • Licensing: In order to drive, you must obtain an official Motorcycle Endorsement on your driver’s license. You must first take a knowledge test issued by the DMV. Once you have passed the knowledge test, then you will be allowed to take a skills test on the road. When you have passed both tests, you will be given a motorcycle license.

Proof of Insurance in NC

When you enroll in an insurance policy, your insurance provider will typically send a notification to the DMV that shows you have coverage. However, they will also issue you an insurance identification card. This card is for you to show a police officer proof of insurance and/or in case you are involved in an accident.

  • Insurance Card – Your insurance carrier will issue you an insurance card. This is to be kept with you at all times while driving your motorcycle.

Penalties for Lack of Insurance in NC

No matter where you are riding, if you get caught without proof of insurance in North Carolina, you will have to face the consequences. Although you may think that you can get away with driving without insurance, the law will eventually catch up with you. If you are unable to show proof of coverage, you will have to pay various fines and deal with a suspended license.

  • FS 5-7 Notice: If you fail to renew your insurance coverage and let it lapse, your insurance provider will notify the DMV. This will result in a FS 5-7 form being sent to you. You will either have to renew your current coverage or get a new policy AND you will need to pay the fine that they send within 10 days.
  • Fines: You will be issued a fine for driving without sufficient insurance. This must be paid on time so that you don’t face additional charges.
  • Suspended Plates: Your license plates will be suspended for 30 days if you do not renew your coverage and/or pay the fine on time. Suspension time will be extended if you do not get insurance or pay your fine.
  • Reinstatement Fees: If your license plates are suspended, you will have to pay a minimum of $50 to get your plates reinstated with the DMV. You will also need to fill out an FS-1 form that shows your current coverage.

Note: All of these penalties can be easily avoided by making sure that you maintain insurance coverage and always carry proof.

North Carolina Motorcycle Insurance Companies

In the state of North Carolina, there are plenty of companies that want your business for an insurance policy. In order to get the best deal on an insurance policy for your motorcycle, you will need to do a little research. The best way to find a company that is willing to offer the best overall deal for their coverage is to collect quotes. You can use the Zip Code form below (it’s completely free) to compare quotes in your exact location.

The Zip Code form below (or at the top of the page) will show you a list of the leading providers. If you would like more information about any of these companies, be sure to read company reviews on this website. Once you have determined which companies have favorable reputations and are offering you a good amount of coverage for your money, you will be able to get a policy. After you have a policy, you will be able to enjoy riding in the “Old North State!”

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