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South Dakota Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

South Dakota Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

South Dakota is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. The state was named in honor of the Dakota Sioux and Lakota – a couple Native American tribes. In terms of land area, it is larger than average, but it is among the top five least populous states in the U.S. The state is divided into two sections by the Mississippi River; residents refer to these sections as “East River” and “West River.” The eastside of the river is arguably the best land for agriculture due to extremely fertile soil. The area to the west of the river is influenced mostly by ranching practices and tourism.

In the southern portion of the state there are a group of sacred Sioux mountains called “The Black Hills.” Mount Rushmore is also located in the southwest area of South Dakota. The state’s nickname is appropriately “The Mount Rushmore State” to reflect the historical monument. Other popular destinations within the state include Badlands, Wind Cave national parks, historic Deadwood. The economy in the state is mostly involved in retail, agriculture, health care, finance, and government spending.

South Dakota Motorcycle Insurance

All drivers in this state are required to establish financial responsibility before operating a motor vehicle. This means that if you own a motorcycle, you must have the necessary finances to cover any potential accident you may get into. Nobody thinks that they will ever get into an accident, but they do happen. Because accidents are unexpected, the state requires that all drivers have necessary finances to cover potential injuries and damages.

How to Establish Financial Responsibility in SD

The most common way to establish financial responsibility is to get liability insurance. However, if you would rather not get insurance, there are some alternatives that you can choose from. Various alternatives include: bonds, cash deposits, and self-insurance. The bottom line is that you must choose at least one of these methods to establish responsibility as a driver.

  • Liability Insurance: The easiest way for most people to establish responsibility is to get liability coverage from a state-authorized provider.
  • Self-Insurance: If you have over 25 vehicles registered to your name, you can apply for self-insurance. This option is mostly aimed at people that own fleets of vehicles and/or dealerships.
  • Surety Bond: An alternative to insurance is getting a surety bond from a licensed in-state agency.
  • Monetary Deposit: Individuals are allowed to make a $50,000 deposit with the SD State Treasurer. You will receive an official certificate of deposit if you choose this method.

Motorcycles / Two-Wheeled Vehicles Defined

It is important to understand how the state of South Dakota defines your two-wheeled vehicle. In certain states a motorcycle may have an entirely different definition than in others. In this state, various types of mopeds and scooters match the definition of a motorcycle and will be treated as such. If you are confused about the way South Dakota defines their two-wheeled vehicles, contact the South Dakota (Department of Revenue) Motor Vehicles Division at the following number: (605)-773-3541.

Motorcycle: Any motorized two or three-wheeled vehicle, with the exception of a tractor or farm implement. Under South Dakota law, nearly all motorized bicycles, motor scooters, mini-bikes, etc. are considered “motorcycles.” However, there are various types of mopeds that are viewed differently than motorcycles in regards to the law.

Moped: A motor-driven cycle (gas or electric) that is equipped with 2 or 3 wheels. If a combustion engine is used, it must not exceed 50 cc piston displacement. The power source should have a drive system that functions automatically that does not require any clutching or shifting.

Note: If your vehicle is not under 50 cc, it will be classified as a motorcycle in South Dakota.

South Dakota Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

When you are shopping for an insurance policy, below are the coverage minimums that your policy will need to meet. You will see that you need to get liability coverage in addition to uninsured / underinsured motorist protection. The liability policy is often abbreviated as “25/50/25” in reference to the minimum amounts (in thousands) that you need for each aspect of coverage.

Minimum Liability Insurance:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person

  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident

  • $25,000 property damage per accident

Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

  • $25,000 per person

  • $50,000 per accident

Underinsured Motorist Coverage:

  • $25,000 per person

  • $50,000 per accident

Note: Uninsured Motorist coverage is slightly different from Underinsured Motorist coverage in the fact that the former is protection from drivers with zero insurance, and the latter is protection from drivers that have insurance, but an inadequate amount. You are required to carry both types of protection on your policy.

Understand that the above coverage amounts are only the state’s “minimum” requirements. Although the minimum amounts allow you to legally operate your motorcycle, they may not provide enough protection if you were to get into a severe accident. If you get into an accident and the cost of damages exceed your coverage limits, you will be responsible for paying the additional amount(s) out of your own finances.

South Dakota Motorcycle Laws: Safety & Licensing Requirements

Before you operate your motorcycle on public roads in South Dakota, you must be aware of various safety and licensing regulations. You should always understand whether you are required to wear a helmet, use eye protection, and the type of license necessary to operate your motorcycle.

  • Helmets: All drivers (and passengers) under 18 years of age are required to wear helmets. All helmets must be in compliance with the FMVSS 218 standard.
  • Eye Protection: All motorcyclists are required to use eye protection unless their motorcycle has a windshield that fully protects their eyes.
  • Headlights: It is recommended to use your headlights during the daytime, but it is not a legal obligation.
  • License: All drivers must obtain a Class M motorcycle license or a Class M endorsement on their driver’s license. In order to obtain this license, you will need to pass a knowledge test followed by a road skills tests.

Proof of Insurance / Financial Responsibility in SD

All motorcyclists are required to have proof of insurance and/or proof of financial responsibility while driving. There are a couple of scenarios in which you will need to show proof. These scenarios include: getting pulled over by a police officer, and getting into an accident. In both situations, you will be required to show your insurance information.

  • Insurance Card: If you purchased insurance from a state-authorized carrier, you will be issued an identification card. This contains important policy information that law enforcement will need to verify if you are pulled over.
  • Certificate: If you demonstrated financial responsibility via cash deposit with the state, obtained a surety bond, or a self-insurance policy, you should be issued a certification. Keep this certification with you at all times while operating your motorcycle.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in SD

In nearly every state, you will face legal penalization for driving without insurance. Although many drivers think they can get by without insurance, all it takes is one accident or getting pulled over for them to get exposed. If you happen to get caught, you will face various penalties that are included below.

  • Fine: Individuals will be issued a citation of up to $100 for driving without insurance.
  • Misdemeanor: Drivers that are caught without insurance will be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor.
  • Jail: You may receive a 30 day sentence in the county jail.
  • Suspensions: Your driver’s license and vehicle registration will be suspended for up to a year. This means that you will not be able to operate any motor vehicle and nobody will be able to drive your motorcycle until your suspension period is over.
  • Reinstatement Fees: In order to get your license and registration reinstated, you will have to pay various fees and have proof of a valid insurance policy.
  • SR-22: If you are caught without insurance, you will need to file an SR-22 form which allows the state to keep tabs on your insurance for three years. If your insurance lapses, the state will know and you will face immediate penalization.

Note: All of the above penalties can be avoided by purchasing valid insurance coverage.

South Dakota Motorcycle Insurance Companies

In the state of South Dakota, there are many insurance companies that want your business. In order to weed out the companies that aren’t very good from the top notch companies, you’ll want to do a little research. Perhaps the easiest way to compare companies is to collect quotes from providers in your area. You can do this by entering your Zip Code in the form below (or at the top of the page) and clicking “Start!” A list of the leading providers will be shown and you will have the opportunity to collect free quotes.

When you finally have collected quotes, you can get more thorough and compare the amount of coverage with the prospective rate that you are quoted. You should be able to narrow down your search to a few companies that seem to be offering solid coverage at an affordable rate. It is then up to you to decide which company you’d like to go with for a policy. If you are still having difficulty making a decision, read the company reviews section of this site!

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