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What Is Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?

What Is Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance refers to coverage for all aspects other than collision. In fact it is sometimes even referred to as “OTC” or “Other Than Collision” insurance. Although this type of coverage is NOT required on a standard policy, you may want to consider it if you like additional protection. There are many different things covered under a comprehensive policy and without this type of coverage, you may end up having to pay for damages out of your own savings. Read below to find out the details of comprehensive coverage and determine whether you’d like to include this in your policy.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance: What Does It Cover?

Below are a list of things that are covered with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy. Although some specific details may vary depending on which company you choose for coverage, most will be similar.

Acts of God: If you need coverage for “Acts of God,” you will want this type of coverage. Although specific definitions for “Acts of God” vary depending on the insurer, this is in reference to “natural occurrences beyond human control.” If a natural disaster such as a tornado strikes and mangles your motorcycle, your insurance company will reimburse you for the damages.

Animal Damage: Most providers will make sure that your bike is insured for damages resulting from animals. For example, if a herd of wild buffalo ravages your motorcycle, this can be documented and you can get reimbursement for the damage. A very common animal that people have problems with is deer. If you get into an accident with a deer and your bike is scuffed up and not operating at its full potential, it will be fixed.

Fire Damage: In the event that your motorcycle is damaged or burned to smithereens by a fire, you will get proper reimbursement. If the damage is fixable, your insurer will have your bike taken to a shop, the damages appraised, and necessary repair work done. If your bike is non-recoverable after the fire, you may get an entirely new bike at the same or similar value of your old one.

Motorcycle Damage: Any damages, other than those from a collision will be covered under this type of policy – regardless of what causes the damage. Whether your bike gets scratched from an animal, vandalized, or a tree falls on it, your insurer will pick up the costs associated with the damages. Comprehensive policies help keep your bike insured from unpredictable damages.

Theft: If someone steals your motorcycle, you are going to be pretty upset. Motorcycle theft happens, and if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you will not get properly reimbursed. If you have a comprehensive policy and someone takes your bike and it is unrecoverable, your insurer will make sure you are financially compensated for your loss. In some cases, they may even replace the entire motorcycle by offering to purchase you one of similar make and model.

Vandalism: If a gang of vandals scratch or scuff your motorcycle, ruin your frame, or pop your tires, you will be insured. Whether your windscreen gets ripped off and smashed, or your tailpipe is broken, all damages as a result of vandals will be picked up under comprehensive policies. If you don’t have a comprehensive type of policy, you will end up having to pay for everything out of your personal savings.

Who should get comprehensive motorcycle insurance?

If you think that you want extra protection for your motorcycle, comprehensive coverage is certainly something to consider. It may cost a little extra, but if you need to ever file a claim for a stolen bike or vandalism, it will be well worth it. Not everyone will need a comprehensive policy, but individuals that want maximum protection for their bike will need to purchase this type of coverage. Below are some factors that should influence your decision to get comprehensive coverage.

  • Maximum Protection: If you are the type of person that needs to maximize protection for your bike, you will want comprehensive coverage. This provides coverage that you will not be offered through another type of policy.
  • Valuable Motorcycles: Do you own a very valuable motorcycle? If it is of high value, it has a greater chance of getting stolen or targeted for vandalism. It will also be more expensive than average to repair. For these reasons, you may want to get comprehensive protection.
  • Busy Cities: Individuals that live in bigger cities are at increased risk of something happening to their motorcycles. Insurance companies know that there is a greater chance of you filing a claim if you live in a highly populated area. In order to keep yourself better protected, you may want to increase your coverage.
  • High Crime: Do you live in an area with higher than average crime? People that live in areas with higher crime rates will need increased protection. Since comprehensive insurance will protect you against theft and stolen parts, you may want to consider it.

Note:  It is important to keep in mind that comprehensive coverage is NOT required. However, if you want your motorcycle to be fully covered, you will want to consider getting this coverage.

Where to buy a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy

Nearly all major insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage for motorcycles. To help make your search as easy as possible for coverage, simply enter your Zip Code into the form below (or at the top of the page). When you enter your Zip, you will see that a list of providers is generated based on your location. Use this list to collect 100% free quotes from each of the companies in your area. You can then compare quotes and determine which company is offering the best priced policy that includes comprehensive coverage.

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