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Liberty Mutual Motorcycle Insurance Review

Liberty Mutual Motorcycle Insurance Review

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Liberty Mutual is a Massachusetts based insurance group that is currently one of the top auto insurance options for residents in the U.S. As a company who has been around for over a century, they know how to handle business and make their customers happy. Most insurance companies that have been around for a long time know what it takes to handle claims and provide customers with the insurance that they need. If you are looking for a good motorcycle insurance provider, Liberty Mutual is certainly a company to consider.

Before jumping to the conclusion that you want coverage through Liberty Mutual, it’s helpful to read a review and see what they’re really all about. If you are considering choosing this company for your personal motorcycle insurance, but don’t know their history, types of coverage, or discounts that they offer – then you don’t have much information to make an accurate decision. Be sure to take some time to read the review below as virtually every aspect is covered in depth.

Liberty Mutual Company History

Liberty Mutual insurance company was originally founded in 1912 as part of the Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association (MEIA). A big contributing factor to the formation of this insurance company was a law passed in 1911 which required employers in Massachusetts to protect employees with workers compensation insurance. In 1914 the first official branch office was opened and by 1915 they had written their first automobile insurance policy.

In 1917, MEIA was given a new name – Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Under this new name, they began providing customers with full coverage auto policies (liability and fire insurance). By 1919 the company had launched its first advertising campaign. Nearly two decades later, Liberty Mutual had become the number one writer of workers compensation insurance and in 1937 it had expand business to 48 states. In the 1940s Liberty Mutual helped by providing more service during World War II for policyholder contractors overseas.

Throughout the 1950s, Liberty Mutual had opened a Research Center for Safety and Health in Massachusetts and prototype survival cars – with features to help increase driver safety and commit to loss control. By 1964, they had expanded to offering full life insurance coverage. By the early 1970s, Liberty Mutual had passed over $2 billion worth of written premiums. In the 1980s they had established a medical center called The Back School to help individuals with severe back pain lead productive lives. In 1985 they had expanded to finances with a branch called Liberty Financial Services.

In the 1990s, they had formed Liberty International Holdings and acquired other insurance companies and expanded internationally. They also established another research center called Center of Disability Research in 1999. Just a year later, they partnered with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) to help teens with alcohol and drug abuse and driving concerns. In 2002, the company converted to a mutual holding company style structure.

In 2005, The National Safety Council presented the Green Cross for Safety Medallion to Liberty Mutual Group’s CEO Ted Kelly. This award was presented to highlight the exceptional work in safety, health and community service that Liberty Mutual has provided. In 2006 their official marketing punchline became: “Responsibility. What’s your policy?” In 2007 they had received an award from J.D. Power and Associates for having the best customer service call centers. In 2011 the company made a push for a “Real America” marketing campaign which featured the likes of Paul Revere and Sacagawea in the commercials. As of 2012, Liberty Mutual ranked 84th on the Forbes 500 list of America’s largest companies.

Liberty Mutual Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

When shopping for motorcycle insurance from any company, the most important thing is that they provide you with the coverage that you want. Liberty Mutual makes it clear that they want to give you a great insurance experience so that you don’t have to stress should something happen to your motorcycle. Below are the different types of coverage options that you’ll have to help insure your motorcycle if you choose Liberty Mutual.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance – If you are ever in a situation where your motorcycle breaks down, Liberty Mutual will help you out. They offer 24 hour roadside assistance to help you with towing, jump starting your bike, etc. In order to get this coverage, you must buy Towing and Labor coverage which is an additional charge – but it’s nice that this is offered.

Accessory Coverage – Any enhanced features that you have installed on your motorcycle are going to be insured if you buy accessory insurance. This is not a mandatory type of coverage, but is nice to have if you have your bike tricked out with accessories.

Bodily Injury Liability – Anytime you are involved in an accident and end up injuring someone else (i.e. another party), this type of insurance will help compensate for their injuries.

Comprehensive Coverage – Although you don’t need to buy comprehensive coverage for your motorcycle, having it will insure your bike from weather damage, vandalism, theft, and Acts of God. Anything resulting in damage that’s not directly from an accident will be covered.

Collision Coverage – If you end up colliding with another motorcycle, vehicle, or object – Liberty Mutual will help you by paying for damages so that you can get the necessary repairs.

New Motorcycle Replacement – If you own a new motorcycle and it is stolen or ends up being a total loss within the first year, they will give you the money to purchase a brand new motorcycle. They also have noted that there is no depreciation applied to your bike so that you get the full value.

Note: “New” motorcycles are considered less than one year old with less than 15,000 miles. They must not have a previous owner. The new motorcycle replacement only applies to a total loss. Also does NOT apply if you are leasing a motorcycle and is NOT available in all 50 states.

Liberty Mutual Motorcycle Insurance Payment Options

Liberty Mutual offers four different types of payment options for their customers. Everyone has a personal preference as to how often they want to pay for their insurance. Some individuals like to make a one-time payment and be covered for the entire year, while others would rather make smaller payments more frequently. They allow you as the customer to configure how often you’d like to be billed.

Bi-Monthly – If you like getting billed more frequently and paying in smaller chunks, Liberty Mutual offers an option for you to pay once every other month.
Quarterly – A quarterly option involves making a payment at the end of each quarter – or one payment every 3 months.
Semi-Annually – There is also the option of making a payment once every 6 months.
Annually – If you’re the type that likes to make one payment per year for insurance and get bills taken care of as soon as possible, then this is a great option.

Liberty Mutual Payment Methods

Most major insurance companies offer a wide variety of ways in which you can pay your bills. Liberty Mutual provides plenty of options to help their customers efficiently make payments without any hassle or hang ups.

  • Automatic Payments (Monthly Deductions)
  • Checking Account
  • Credit Cards
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Mail
  • Online Bank Account
  • Online Payments
  • Phone Payment
  • Recurring Credit Card (RCC)

Does Liberty Mutual offer paperless billing?

Yes. Should you want paperless billing, Liberty Mutual provides you with that option. A lot of people don’t like the hassle of receiving papers in the mail, keeping track of them, and saving them. It is also significantly more environmentally friendly to select the paperless option. In order to activate the paperless billing option, all you have to do is select it under your online account.

Liberty Mutual wants their customers to be aware of the fact that all documents remain fully secure and can be accessed instantly through their eService. They allow customers to print and/or save their bills at any time. Additionally, you can configure email alerts under your account for any policy updates, changes, and direct billing information. If you want to save time, reduce clutter, and help save trees – paperless billing is a good option to consider.

Liberty Mutual Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

One of the most important aspects of any insurance policy is the amount of savings that are provided. Below are a few of the discounts that are provided to individuals who get motorcycle insurance with Liberty Mutual. This may not be all of the discounts that are provided by this company, however, these are the specific discounts that you get under their motorcycle insurance.

Experienced Rider Discount – Are you an experienced motorcyclist? If you have had an active motorcycle license for at least 3 years, you are eligible for additional savings.

Multi-Bike Discount – Do you need insurance for more than one motorcycle? If you have at least 2 or more ‘cycles insured with Liberty Mutual, they’ll give you a discount.

Safety Course Discount – To help make you a safer, more knowledgeable motorcyclist, Liberty Mutual will give you a discount if you complete a company approved safety course.

A.M. Best Rating: A (Excellent)

The financial strength rating for Liberty Mutual insurance group was given an “A” by A.M. Best. This demonstrates that they have great credit and that they are a strong company. They have earned a solid reputation from always performing well and being a veteran in the insurance industry. As a consumer, you aren’t going to have to worry about this company struggling to pay your claim – they have the assets to do so. Liberty Mutual is a global company that has expanded to foreign markets and done good business. As of last year the company wrote over 7.5 million premiums. They rank 7th in the U.S. for overall auto insurance market share and are an elite company.

The average independent customer review of Liberty Mutual insurance is 4/5. Considering the vast number of people writing reviews for their insurance policy, this cumulative rating is very good. The quality is here, it just comes down to whether you think Liberty Mutual would be a good fit for you and your motorcycle. It always helps to get quotes and compare various aspects of coverage provided by all major companies.

Get Free Liberty Mutual Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Online!

To determine how Liberty Mutual compares to the rest, make sure you use the free tool provided on this website to compare quotes from all major insurers in your area. Although Liberty Mutual may be a great fit for certain individuals, you may get a better deal with a different company. A lot of the time, the deal that you’ll get is based off of location, the type of bike that you own, and your history. One company may charge significantly more than another or be lacking in coverage compared to another. The quote box below is 100% free, simple, and will help take the confusion out of shopping for motorcycle insurance. Get your quote below and see what kinds or rates you are offered.

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