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Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Review

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Review

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Progressive is a company that has really taken the auto insurance industry by storm the past few years. Most people know them for their commercials with the hypomanic fictional saleswoman named Flo. Although these commercials are somewhat polarizing amongst viewers in terms of love vs. hate, the fact is that Progressive is doing quite well for themselves and has a wide variety of insurance options ranging from auto to motorcycle, and even policies that encompass less common vehicles such as segways. The reason you’re visiting this site though is to find out the dirty details about Progressive’s motorcycle insurance policies.

As with every review, we will take a minute to discuss the company history, the types of motorcycle coverage that are offered, discounts, as well as overall customer satisfaction. Even if you don’t have a policy through Progressive at the moment, you may want to read through this review and see whether they offer what you are looking for in an insurance company. Keep in mind that at any time, you can use the 100% risk free tool at the top or bottom of the page to compare rates. Simply enter your zip code, and only the leading providers with the best possible deals will pop up for a comparison.

Progressive Company History

In the year 1937, Progressive began as a Mutual Insurance agency with the chief goal of providing all auto owners with good security. Joe Lewis and Jack Green were the two lawyers that thought up and devised the plan to launch Progressive. In order to stand out from the other major insurance companies, Progressive took different approaches to their claims servicing as well as offered unique payment options. They were the first company to offer “drive in claims” and the first company to create flexible payment plans (allowing customers to make several smaller payments instead of one bulk payment).

Eventually some CEO shifting took place when the initial founders Joe and Jack died. Peter Lewis, the son of Joe, ended up taking over the Progressive operation and continued with the initial innovative approach developed by the founders. He specifically made a point to come up with insurance policies for drivers that posed higher than average risk. It was these clients that other companies were denying that Progressive welcomed. In the early 1960s Progressive kept up with major expansion and Peter Lewis continued to make bold moves as the CEO.

In 1971, they went public and moved all main operations to Cleveland, Ohio. By the late 1980s, Progressive was earning $1 billion in premiums. Merely 15 years later, the company went on to surpass $2 billion in premiums. At around this time, Progressive became the first company to introduce a price comparison – showing prospective insurance buyers all rates, regardless if they were cheaper than Progressive. By the year 2000, Progressive was offering a variety of insurance packages for all kinds of drivers. In the year 2000, Glenn Renwick was appointed to become the new CEO.

Since the latest CEO change, this company has come up with creative ways to offer claims to drivers with special needs. They have also developed ways to expand their online presence – making it easier for people to work with their policy on the internet. At the moment, Progressive is one of the most competitive motorcycle insurers in the United States. They have nearly 30,000 employees throughout the U.S. and reported billions of dollars in revenue each year.  They also helped by underwriting and creating policies for USAA and Harley Davidson insurance.

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Arguably the most important aspect to take into consideration when purchasing any motorcycle insurance policy is the types of coverage options. If you are considering getting a policy through Progressive, you will want to check whether they offer the type of coverage that you need for your bike. Once you have determined the type of coverage that you need, you can worry about price comparison. Since Progressive is among the elite insurers in the United States, they offer nearly every type of option for motorcycle owners as well as customizable insurance options.

Bodily Injury Liability – If you are found to be the guilty party in an accident and end up injuring someone else, this will have you covered up to certain limits.

Collision Coverage – Should you collide with another vehicle and your motorbike is damaged, this type of coverage will pay to fix up your bike. This is sometimes bundled with “comprehensive” coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage – If your motorcycle is stolen, damaged by wild animals, is banged up by a rough hailstorm, or something else crazy, comprehensive usually picks up the charges. You will likely have a deductible that is paid upfront and once this is met, Progressive picks up the rest.

Custom Parts & Equipment – Anytime you have custom parts on your motorcycle, it isn’t guaranteed that they will be fully insured under standard policies. If you purchase collision and comprehensive through Progressive, you will be granted $3000 of coverage toward customized motorbike parts. You can also add on an additional $3000 worth of coverage if you have a more valuable bike.

Medical Payments – If you are involved in a serious motorcycle accident, you may end up in the hospital. In the event that this happens, you will want to have “MedPay” which will help you take care of any major medical payments. Generally this type of coverage will last up to 3 years after your accident.

Property Damage Liability – This is typically listed with Bodily Injury under various policies and will cover expenses up to a certain amount if you damage someone else’s property with your motorcycle.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage – If you get into an accident with someone that is either uninsured or underinsured, you could end up not getting anything out of them to compensate for damages. Although this is unfair, this extra coverage will help you protect yourself just in case the other party doesn’t have adequate insurance.

Roadside Assistance – It is comforting to know that if your motorcycle were to break down, Progressive offers roadside assistance which will help you get your bike to the nearest repair center. It will also take care of all expenses that are issued by the repair center. This applies to mechanical breakdown, dead battery, flat tires, being locked out, lack of fuel, or getting trapped in bad weather like snow.

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Payment Options

This company has been insuring motorcycles for the past 35 years and has determined that keeping payment options simple works best. The majority of people want to either pay upfront for their coverage or make payments each month. Depending on the type of person you are and your budget, Progressive will work with you to figure something out.

Full Payment – You can decide to make one payment when you buy your policy. This is recommended because you will qualify for their “Paid in Full” discount.

Monthly Payments – Should you not want to pay for your insurance in one large payment, you can decide to pay in monthly installments. This is generally for people that do not have the budget to make initial payments in full.

Progressive Payment Methods

  • Automatic Payments (i.e. monthly deductions)
  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (from checking account)
  • Mail
  • Mobile Text (via cell phone)
  • Money Order
  • Online Check
  • PayPal
  • Personal Check
  • Phone

Does Progressive offer paperless billing?

Back in 2007 Progressive introduced paperless billing policies to help cut back on the amount of paper documents that customers receive. Most people agree that it can be a hassle dealing with paperwork and having to save paper documents. It is for these reasons that Progressive has largely converted their business to deliver documents electronically (i.e. online). Customers can simply log-in to their account and keep tabs on their payments and billing statements. This is a more environmentally friendly approach as well as makes it much easier for consumers. If you don’t like paperless billing, you can always opt for standard billing statements via mail.

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Progressive seems to take pride in the sheer amount of discounts that they offer to their customers. They provide some simple, very convenient ways for the average Joe to save money on their insurance policy. In addition to many of the discount options listed below, if you are a safe driver (i.e. avoid accidents/major violations) you could end up with even greater savings. Compared to other companies, Progressive is as competitive as they come in terms of discounters. (Unfortunately, unlike many other companies, the exact percentages of savings are not listed by Progressive).

Claims Free Renewal – Save money if you have no “at fault” accidents during the term of your previous policy (before renewal).

Homeowner – Something as simple as being a homeowner will help you save.

LoJack – If your motorcycle has LoJack installed (i.e. the security system), you will get a lower rate.

Paid in Full – Should you decide to pay for your entire policy term in full, you will save even more money.

Prompt Payer – By making all of your payments on time for a full year, Progressive will hook you up with a discount.

Responsible Driver – Should you manage to avoid all accidents and traffic violations for 3+ years, you will save for being a responsible driver.

Safety Course – By enrolling in an approved motorcycle safety course and passing with a certification, you will save even more on your insurance.

A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)

Looking at the A.M. Best review, it is apparent that Progressive has been given a strong rating of A+ a.k.a. Superior. This means that the company has more than enough backing to pay for any major insurance claims. If you purchase the appropriate coverage and qualify for a claim, this company shouldn’t have a problem making the payment on a timely basis. This is strictly based on an independent rating, so it should give you a good general internal strength of the company. In addition to this particular rating, it is always smart to check out some independent reviews by actual customers. Read the reviews (good and bad) and formulate an opinion based on the overall response.

Currently, Progressive has about a 75% customer satisfaction rating, which is pretty good. Based on thousands of reviews, they have received about a 3.8/5 stars. Compared to many other insurance companies, they have received more overall feedback regarding customer satisfaction. There has been some criticism regarding the way that Progressive has handled their claims including the case of Kaitlynn Fisher. Additionally this company has been sued for deceiving policyholders and using illegally employed auto shops to make vehicle repairs. Most would agree that these problems have been addressed and fixed. Some have even regarded them as the number one motorcycle insurance group in the nation.

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The most important step you can take towards purchasing motorcycle insurance is to compare both the policies and quotes from different companies. Progressive may have the best deal for you, but if you don’t compare their bike protection with another provider, you may miss out on a better overall plan. You can easily use the zip code box at the top or bottom of the page to determine the best provider for your situation. This comparison is 100% free of charge and will be extremely helpful.

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  1. Don’t buy this insurance, progressive is a rip off. paid motorcycle policy in full at the time of motorcycle purchase. 4 mo.s later. Progressive wants more money, or they will cancel me. Nothing but trouble. Go to different ins co. pay a little more and get better service

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