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State Requirements

Each state has specific insurance laws and requirements that must be met before you operate a motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle on public roadways. The amount of required liability coverage varies depending on where you live. Find your state below and read up on the specifics.  Most states require at least a basic liability insurance policy, but there are a few states where no insurance is required.  In other states, you need to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) and/or uninsured motorist coverage to accompany your liability policy.

United States Map

United States Map

In each of the states it is important to know the proper classification of your motorcycle (or other two-wheeled vehicle) as well as various laws. You should know whether you need to wear a helmet, use eye protection, and use headlights during the daytime. Additionally, you should be aware of the proper licensing required to operate your motorcycle and how to obtain it. For a brief overview, find your state included in the list above and read up on the requirements.

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