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Temporary Motorcycle Insurance Cover: Various Policy Options

Temporary Motorcycle Insurance Cover: Various Policy Options


What is temporary motorcycle insurance? It’s pretty much exactly what you’d think – motorcycle insurance obtained for a short term period of time or coverage used on a temporary basis. This type of coverage is geared mostly towards people that are either traveling (e.g. going on vacation), visiting the United States, and/or renters. However, if you are borrowing a bike, only drive during warm weather seasons, or cannot afford a full year’s worth of coverage, you may also want to settle for temporary coverage.

Temporary Motorcycle Insurance Cover

With this type of coverage, the most important thing to consider is: length or coverage timeframe. In general, the longer term of coverage, the less you will pay for a plan if averaged out to cost per month. The reason you pay less money (per month) if you agree to a longer coverage plan is because the insurance company knows that they have your business for a longer period of time. The more business you do with a company, the more money you can expect to save.

Lengths of Temporary Policies

The length of coverage will vary depending on your circumstances and how long you plan on riding your motorcycle. If you are someone on vacation, you may only need coverage for an extremely short term. However, if you are visiting the United States or trying out a motorcycle for a semi-lengthy period of time, you will want to get temporary coverage to match the time that you plan on riding.

Seasonal: Some riders only like to take their bike out in the summer. In this case, you can get a policy that provides coverage for just the summer months.

Multiple Month: Some people consider a multiple month policy “temporary” as well. If you are getting protection for one, two, or three months, you will want to talk to a major provider about getting a short term policy.

One Month: It is common for people to get coverage for a full month term. This allows them to ride for a month without having to worry about getting insurance. When the month is up they have the chance to renew coverage or stop riding.

One Week: Need coverage for a full 7 day term? If so, you may want to consider getting it through your rental agency. If you are not renting, contact a major provider and apply to get short term coverage.

One Day: If you only need coverage for a 24 hour period, typically this is obtained through a rental agency. Most people that own their motorcycles will be driving for more than a single day and obtain longer policies.

Who should get temporary motorcycle insurance?

  • Seasonal drivers: Do you drive your motorcycle just during certain seasons? If so, you may be looking into a temporary policy. This will help you save money by avoiding payments during the seasons that you don’t ride your bike.
  • Foreign drivers: If you are foreign to the USA, but don’t plan on permanently relocating, you may want to get a temporary policy. Having temporary coverage will allow you to stay insured for the short duration of time that you visit the U.S.
  • Travelers: If you travel a lot, but don’t typically ride a motorcycle when you aren’t traveling, you may want to get coverage to cover you on your trip. Once you are back from your trip, you stop riding your motorcycle and no longer need insurance.
  • Renters: Are you renting a motorcycle for a specific period of time? If so, you probably want to get it insured just for that small timeframe that you will be riding. If you are renting a bike for a few days, a week or two, or a month, you can get temporary coverage.

Which providers offer temporary coverage?

If you only need coverage for a temporary basis, most providers are going to work with you. If you are renting a motorcycle, it is recommended to buy coverage directly through the rental company. However, if you would like to get temporary coverage on your own, you will want to make sure that you check out major providers. It’s a pretty common misconception that you have to get coverage from a “niche” insurer that provides coverage specifically for a short period of time.

To find a company that will cover your motorcycle for a temporary timeframe, use the Zip Code box below and enter your location. Check out the list of providers and get a quote from each provider and determine which company offers the best rates for temporary coverage. For more information, be sure to contact each company. They have agents that will explain the process of getting your bike insured for less than a full term.

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  1. Can I please get quotes for two month temporary motorcycle insurance for New Zealand visitor touring USA on own motorcycle (will be shipped over). 49 years old & disclosing of paralyzed left arm although still a very proficient rider. Thank you

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