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The Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies In 2014

The Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies In 2014

It should be noted that there are a lot of great insurance companies in the United States. In fact, when it comes to the best 5 companies in the United States, determining the top ranking is nearly a tossup. However, there are various factors that play a role in determining a company. Factors to help determine whether a company is good include: customer retention, independent ratings, financial ratings, and growth. We also always need to take into account other factors such as: customer service, policy cost, handling of claims, and payment flexibility.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies 2014

Below is an extensive list of the best providers of the current year.

1. Geico

Yep, you read right, the best company of 2014 goes to Geico. Despite the fact that they do not have agreed-value coverage like many other providers, they are among the most popular companies for a reason – switching to Geico could help you save 15% or more. Although most people are initially drawn to Geico from their hilarious commercials, people stick with them because they actually end up saving a lot of money. This company has received among the strongest independent ratings and reviews. They are currently the top rated motorcycle insurer of 2014.  For more information, read the Geico review.

2. Progressive

This company has great coverage options, awesome discounts, and great customer support. Progressive is a company that pretty much has it all in terms of coverage – they even provide coverage for classic bikes. If you need an agreed value policy, this is one of the best mainstream insurers for that type of coverage. Although many people find that the girl Flo is pretty annoying in their commercials, Progressive gets people’s attention. Once people actually take the time to check out their policies and rates, they end up really liking what this company offers. For more information, read the Progressive review.

3. Allstate

This provider has been consistent and one of the top rated insurers on an annual basis. They have always been an elite company that places emphasis on customer care and value. Allstate does a fantastic job of marketing mixing some humorous content with some serious, real life scenarios. Additionally, they offer a variety of extensive coverage options for even the most seasoned motorcylists.  For more information, read the Allstate review.

4. State Farm

Many people swear by State Farm as having the lowest rates on motorcycle insurance. Obviously it depends where you live, but in some cases, they may actually be better than companies positioned higher than it on this list. This is a company that everyone should at least gather a quote from and consider for coverage. Not only are they among the largest insurers in the United States, they have a very friendly reputation: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” For more information, read the State Farm review.

5. Nationwide

This company has improved a lot within the past few years. They are financially-sound, provide individuals with plenty of coverage options, and they have stood the test of time as a company. If you get an umbrella policy and bundle all of your insurance needs with them, there’s potential for serious savings. Even though they are not considered a top-choice for many, they are still a solid option for motorcycle coverage. For more information, read the Nationwide review.

6. American Family

This company is perhaps slightly under-marketed, but also underrated. If you have never heard of American Family, it’s time to check them out. They offer some of the best deals on motorcycle insurance – especially in regards to full coverage policies. Most people are highly satisfied with the speed in which they handle claims. They also have some of the friendliest customer service around. Getting a quote from this company is never a bad idea. Read the American Family review for further information.

7. Farmers

This company is well marketed, and well liked by many of its customers. They provide extensive coverage and good customer service. Although they don’t offer rates quite as low as the top companies on the list, they certainly can compete. They offer coverage throughout the U.S. and are seasoned veterans in the insurance industry. This company definitely has what it takes to insure you and your motorcycle.  Read the Farmers review for more in-depth information.

8. Markel American

Despite the fact that this company is not a household name throughout the nation, they are among the elite insurers in the U.S. There’s not much to say about this provider other than they have a solid financial backing, have received pretty solid independent customer reviews, and offer nearly every type of coverage that you could want. If you are interested in this company, be sure to check them out and get yourself a quote.  Check out the Markel review for additional company information.

9. Harley-Davidson

If you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, why not get coverage with the company that sold it to you? Although not many people know about Harley as an insurer, many people are familiar with their bikes. If you are a big Harley supporter and want to make sure that your Harley-Davidson bike has the best possible protection, you may want to consider getting their coverage. They have put together some pretty good coverage options and if your bike is damaged, it will get replaced with actual Harley parts.  Read the Harley Davidson review for more details.

10. Esurance

Although Esurance is owned by Allstate, it is not the exact same as Allstate. There are many companies that get bought out by a larger company and convert their policies to match that of the larger provider. In this case, they are separately marketed, and have tweaked things slightly since taking a spot under the wing of Allstate. However, they are still a company that you may want to consider for a policy. They offer users a variety of convenient insurance options and if they don’t have the best rates, they’ll help guide you to someone who can beat their price.  Read the Esurance review for additional information.

Best Classic Motorcycle Insurance Company of 2014

It should also be noted that there are niche providers geared towards classic and vintage bikes.  Below is the single top provider.


The above companies were strictly mainstream providers. Hagerty is the best of the best when it comes to insurance for an antique, collector, classic, or custom built motorcycle. Although there are plenty of companies that offer niche protection for classic bikes, none offer the sheer level of support, options, and agreed-value coverage to compete with Hagerty. Most people that have coverage through this company end up sticking with them for life – they are that good.  Read the Hagerty review for more information.

Need coverage from one of the best companies?

If you want to get insurance for your motorcycle from one of these best-rated companies, you will want to take advantage of getting free quotes for comparison. In order to get free quotes, simply enter your Zip Code into one of the box’s on this website. You will then be shown a list that has auto-generated the top ranked companies. Once you have seen the list, all you need to do is get a quote from each company and determine who offers the best-priced coverage.

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