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The Hartford Motorcycle Insurance Review

The Hartford Motorcycle Insurance Review

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The Hartford Insurance Company has been around since the early 1800s. They are well known for being one of the first companies to offer “fire insurance” policies in the United States. They are headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut – this reflects the name of the company. Currently they offer vehicle insurance for cars, ATVs, boats, golf carts, RVs, snowmobiles, antiques, and motorcycles. In addition to providing people with vehicle insurance, they also offer homeowners, condo, renters, flood, identity theft, life insurance, and disability insurance. This is a veteran company that has been around for over 200 years with plenty of experience in the insurance industry.

Most people are familiar with The Hartford’s logo featuring a stag – inspired by Sir Edwin Landseer’s “Monarch of the Glen” painting. The Hartford has a long track record of being a reliable, trustworthy, and ethical company throughout history. They have insured many famous individuals including Babe Ruth, Robert E. Lee, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This is a company that was very connected to historical people and major historical events in the United States. The review below will discuss the company history (including major developments), coverage, payment options, and discounts. This should help you determine whether they provide the insurance coverage that you need for your motorcycle.

The Hartford Company History

The Hartford was first established as a company in 1810 and based in Hartford, Connecticut. A group of local merchants pooled together $15,000 and created The Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Their goal was to provide individuals with fire insurance in the surrounding areas. On May 10, 1810 The Hartford was incorporated through an act passed by the Connecticut General Assembly. Following this incorporation, the company elected Nathaniel Terry as president of The Hartford.

In 1822 The Hartford reinsured the New Haven Fire Insurance Company – this was among the first cases of “reinsurances” throughout U.S. history. Three years later in 1825, The Hartford created the first fire insurance policy geared towards an American institution of higher learning; Yale University was officially covered. In the aftermath of a fire that destroyed New York City’s financial district in 1835, president Nathaniel Terry used his personal finances to cover all damage claims and pay what The Hartford owed. In order to get the money to his customers, Terry traveled by horse-drawn sleigh from Hartford to New York in blizzard-like conditions.

By 1852, The Hartford had experienced major expansion and opened up business in Columbus, Ohio. At the time there was increased demand for insurance due to increased livestock production in Ohio. In 1859, the historically famous Robert E. Lee (commander of Confederate troops during the Civil War) bought an insurance policy through The Hartford to cover his family home known as “Arlington.” This property is now part of Arlington National Cemetery.

In 1863, an insurance agent working for The Hartford named A.H. Hayden was cut off from contact during the Civil War. At this time he buried his clients’ proofs of loss following the Charleston, South Carolina fire. Following the war, he located the burial site, dug up the claims, and paid off all customers in full. By 1870, The Hartford had already expanded west to San Francisco, California and was operating from coast to coast.

In 1871, The Great Chicago Fire destroyed roughly 17,500 buildings and resulted in nearly 250 deaths. The Hartford paid off all claims which totaled nearly $2 million. It wasn’t until 1875 that they decided to come up with a trademark logo for the company. They decided that their logo would be inspired from the “Monarch of the Glen” painting by Sir Edwin Landseer. Their logo of the “stag” is still the company symbol today. By 1890, Colonel William F. Cody – also known as “Buffalo Bill” – collected $2,000 from a settlement through The Hartford after one of his properties was destroyed by a fire.

In 1906, San Francisco was hit by a major earthquake that affected approximately 500 city blocks and over 28,000 buildings. The Hartford was responsible for paying $11.6 million towards claims for damage. This was the largest sum of money that was paid by any insurance company involved with this particular disaster. In 1913, The Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company was created to provide a variety of insurance options including: accident, automobile liability, personal damage, business interruption coverage, and more.

In 1920, George Herman Ruth a.k.a. “Babe Ruth” bought a “sickness policy” through The Hartford. At the time he was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees and wanted to protect his earnings if any illness prevented him from playing baseball during spring training or the regular season. One year later in 1921, the company had expanded to new headquarters on Asylum Avenue – moving from the downtown Hartford area.

By 1931, The Hartford was writing contract bonds for the construction of the Hoover Dam. In 1937, they also bonded the Golden Gate Bridge as it opened. Within the next 10 years, the company began providing comprehensive liability insurance to cover the first meeting of the United Nations in 1945. Two years later they developed a Junior Fire Marshal program to help children better understand fire safety and protection. In 1952, United States president Dwight D. Eisenhower purchased a Farmers Comprehensive Personal Liability policy for his family to insure their 190 acres of farmland in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

In 1959 The Hartford began offering life insurance after it acquired The Colombian National Life Insurance Company based in Boston, Massachusetts. This same year it also bonded the St. Lawrence Seaway as it opened. Nearly a decade later, The Hartford was acquired by ITT Corporation for an estimated $1.4 billion. This was the largest corporation takeover in U.S. history. The company was renamed the ITT-Hartford Group, Inc.

In 1981, Hartford Life became the first major insurer to provide universal life insurance protection. By 1984, The Hartford won a contract that allowed it to provide automobile and homeowners insurance policies to members of the AARP. One year later, the company introduced its first single premium variable life insurance product. Following these accomplishments, Hartford Life established new 173-acre headquarters in Simsbury, Connecticut.

In the 1990s, the company developed its fist variable universal life insurance product. Additionally, 25 years after being acquired by ITT Corporation, The Hartford decided to release some of its subsidiary companies. In 1995, The Hartford became an independent company on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol “HIG.” It began offering mutual funds in 1996 and received its first of thirteen DALBAR awards for annuity service. It experienced another name change in 1997 from “ITT Hartford Group” to the new “The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.” It also began issuing public stock options under the ticker “HLI” for its Hartford Life.

In 2000, Hartford bought all shares of Hartford Life “HLI” and the company had mutual fund assets exceeding $10 billion. This occurred faster than any other retail-geared mutual fund company. In 2001 following the devastating losses resulting from the September 11th terrorist attacks, The Hartford paid out nearly $850 million. Additionally they donated money to help the United Way and to help other major partners. At this time they also purchased various parts of Fortis Insurance Company. By 2003 they had purchased CNA’s group life & disability coverage as well as medical & accident business insurance. This further enhanced the Group Benefits Division of the company and also helped them form a partnership with the U.S. Paralympics.

By the year 2005, it had celebrated its 10 year anniversary as a publically traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. This same year they also created an online webinar called “Surviving Beyond Disaster” to help mitigate loss and speed up recovery. In 2008 it was rated as among the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere. Two years later in 2010 it celebrated its 200th anniversary. In 2012 it refocused its business portfolio towards mutual funds, property-casualty insurance, and group benefits. Turning a corner in 2013, The Hartford announced a vision to be an exceptional company celebrated for financial performance, character, and customer value.

The Hartford Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

When looking for a motorcycle insurance policy, the most important aspect to keep in mind is the coverage. Does the company that you are considering offer adequate coverage for the bike that you own? Featured below is a list of the coverage options that you will have if you choose to insure your motorcycle with The Hartford. All of their motorcycle policies are underwritten by Foremost Property & Casualty Insurance through the Nutmeg Insurance Agency.

Collision Coverage – If you are involved in a crash with another vehicle or object, this coverage will help pay to repair damages that you caused.

Liability Coverage – This is to protect you if you ever are liable for injuring another driver, passenger, or someone’s property. The amount you will be insured for depends on the limits that you select and your location.

Medical Payments Coverage – If ever you are responsible for an accident resulting in someone needing medical attention, this helps pay for their medical treatment.

Optional Equipment Coverage – This is protection for riders with customized bikes, custom paint jobs, trailers, sidecars, radios, or other accessories. If you have your bike tricked out with extra equipment, you may want to get it insured.

Other Than Collision – This includes protection from: fire, theft, vandalism, weather, and more. Sometimes this is referred to a “comprehensive” coverage.

Safety Apparel Coverage – Having safety apparel is very important to help minimize damage and reduce injury in the event of an accident. Any safety gear including helmets, jackets, leathers, and gloves can all be insured with this coverage.

Extra Protection Options

There are a number of additional coverage options that you’ll have as a customer of The Hartford. If you want a basic policy, you may just want to choose from the options listed above. However, if you have an expensive bike and/or want to maximize your protection as a driver, you can increase your coverage and limits.

Increased Liability Limits – If you don’t feel comfortable with the standard limits set for your liability coverage, you can increase the limits to your liking.

Increased Optional Equipment Limits – Do you own an expensive bike with a lot of customizations? People that put a lot of money into their bikes are able to increase their optional equipment coverage limits.

Replacement Cost Total Loss Settlement – In the event of a total loss, The Hartford will pay the replacement cost so that you can get another motorcycle.

Roadside Assistance, Towing, Trip Interruption – In the event that your motorcycle experiences a breakdown, shortage, and needs a tow – The Hartford will provide you with roadside assistance if you add this to your policy. They also provide Trip Interruption coverage if you experience an accident or breakdown while taking your bike on a trip.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Protection – Although all drivers are required to have insurance, there are still uninsured and underinsured drivers on the roads. If you were to get into an accident with a driver that lacks insurance, you wouldn’t get any proper financial compensation for the damages that they’ve caused. To protect yourself, you have the option of buying uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

Note: Motorcycle insurance protection can vary depending on the state in which you reside and the levels of coverage that you purchase. If you are confused, agents can guide you through all available coverage options so that you find the policy that works best for you.

The Hartford Motorcycle Insurance Payment Options

With The Hartford you have two ways in which you can pay for your coverage. You can either pay in full and have your entire policy “prepaid” for the year OR you can pay in a series of monthly installments. It is up to you to decide which option would best suit your budget.

Full Payments – If you pay your entire insurance bill in full, there will be no installment fee. This is the best option if you want to maximize your savings. However, not many people like to pay for everything upfront, but if you can afford to do this, it is the best way to save.

Monthly Payments – If you decide to pay your bills in monthly installments, there will be a fee associated with each payment. These fees will be automatically tacked on to each bill. In the long run, this is a more expensive option than paying for everything in full.

The Hartford Payment Methods

There are a number of different ways in which you can pay your bill through The Hartford. Perhaps the most convenient option is their “Express Pay” – something most major insurers don’t provide.

  • Auto Pay – You have the option of enrolling in AutoPay so that your bills are automatically withdrawn and paid from your bank account when they are due each month.
  • Credit Card – One of the most common ways you can pay your bill is with your credit card or debit card.
  • EFT – If you’d like you can set up an Electronic Funds Transfer to pay your bills when they are due – this withdraws money electronically from your bank account.
  • Express Pay – Pay your bill without even logging into your account. Simply enter the bill number on their form and your payment information.
  • Mail – If you need, you can pay via mail by sending in your bill.
  • Online – It is easy to set up payment information online using your insurance customer account.
  • Phone – Representatives over the phone will guide you through making a payment if you need help.

Does The Hartford offer paperless billing?

Yes. If you would like to set up paperless billing, simply log-in to your account and select this option. It is relatively easy to set up and will help you reduce clutter. If you own a private computer, you can pay from the comfort of your home without having to worry about buying stamps and sending your bills in the mail. Additionally, you will have the option of printing off your billing statements and insurance information 24/7 whenever you need access. You can also set up email reminders to help you remember when your next bill is due.

The Hartford Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Another aspect to keep in mind when shopping for a new insurance policy is that of discounts. If you want to maximize your savings, you should be aware of any potential ways in which you can save on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Air Bags Credit – Do you have air bags installed on your motorcycle? If so, this helps further increase safety in the event of an accident. Increasing your personal safety results in better savings on your policy.

Anti-Theft Device Credit – Do you have an alarm system, tracking device, or any other anti-theft device installed on your bike? If so, you can save yourself money on a comprehensive policy.

Bundling Credit – If you decide to bundle your homeowners insurance with auto and/or motorcycle insurance coverage, you will save yourself money on both policies. Condo and/or renters insurance can also be bundled as alternatives to homeowners coverage.

Defensive Driver Credit – If you take the time to complete a defensive driver class, you are eligible for an insurance discount from The Hartford for up to three full years. All you need to do is send them a copy of your course completion certificate for them to apply the credit.

Driver Training Credit – If you are under the age of 21 and complete an approved drivers training course, you can receive a credit on your premium. Simply send proof of completion to your insurance agent and they will apply the discount. Note: In the state of Georgia this discount works for drivers under 25 years old.

Good Student Driver Credit – If you focus on getting good grades in school, you can further reduce the cost of your insurance. If you are a full-time student under the age of 25 and own any vehicle insured by The Hartford, you can qualify to save.

A.M. Best Rating: A (Excellent)

The financial rating for The Hartford Insurance Company as issued by A.M. Best is that of an “A.” This suggests that they are being managed efficiently and are in an excellent position of financial strength. This indicates that if you ever need to file a claim with The Hartford, they will likely pay for it in a timely manner without too many hassles – as they have the funds to do so. As evidenced by their company history, they are notorious for paying what they owe to customers that file claims.

Independent reviews across the internet suggest that The Hartford is a solid company to buy insurance with. On average, this company received 3.6/5 stars for a rating. This translates to a satisfaction rate of 72 out of 100 – which is pretty good considering most people who write about insurance companies online have problems with them. People that are satisfied generally do not log on and write about their experience because they feel no need.

Based on all information considered, The Hartford is a company that uses good business practices and has been around for over 200 years for a reason.  Overall this is a good company with fairly mediocre prices with a variety of complex policy options.

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